Your Baby’s Lasts . . .

From the moment your baby is born you look forward to all of those exciting firsts; their first smile, first laugh, first words, etc. What you don’t realize are those moments that will be your baby’s lasts. It’s those moments you won’t realize at the time but you will miss once they’re gone. Your baby’s last sleepless night, their last spontaneous laugh, their last nap.

I’m sure you’ve heard from countless relatives and perhaps even strangers that they grow up too fast. Those first few weeks/months after you bring baby home feel like they will never end and suddenly they do. In the blink of an eye they’re gone and you forget how exhausted you were. If you’re still in the early stages of parenthood, it may not occur to you just how much you’re going to miss those moments.

The Moments You’ll Miss the Mostmom holding baby

After mothering three little ones I try to capture and embrace the moments as long as I can because I’m not entirely sure when it will be their last as my youngest is still in the baby phase. These are the moments that will pass you by and you won’t realize when exactly was the last time but you know you miss it.

Their last feeding – You may not be thinking you’ll miss those late night/pre-dawn feedings, but when they’re gone you will look back and wish you could have just one more time. Too soon they go from needing you every waking moment to wanting nothing to do with you. You will miss the last time you held your sweet baby as they drifted sleepily off to dreamland in your arms as you fed/nursed them for the last time.

Those sweet baby gigglesMaddy's smile – there’s something about a baby’s giggle that just tickles you on the inside. It’s cute, sweet, and downright adorable. Babies typically laugh their first real laugh around 3 to 4 months of age and they can laugh at the seemingly least interesting thing in the world. As they grow older they’re not as easily amused and getting the slightest smirk may pose to be a chore.

Their last nap – Oh how I miss nap time! Some children will still take naps up to Kindergarten, but by grade school nap time is just a thing of the past. You do everything you can in your power tip-toeing not to wake the baby to dragging them out of their beds to get up for school in the morning.

The last time you hold them – we spend months coaching them and helping them learn how to walk on their own. Surely it will make outings much easier once they can get in and out by themselves and no longer need to be carried everywhere, but everything comes to an end. One day you will carry your baby out of their car seat for the last time, you’ll hold their hand to cross the street for the last time and you will look back and miss those moments.

It’s bittersweet watching your baby grow into their own individual being and you’ll look back to your baby’s lasts and yearn to have those days back. It’s been said over and over, but bears repeating because it holds so much truth – cherish these moments while you can because too soon they’ll pass you by forever.

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