Work From Home Opportunities for Moms

workathomemomAs a new mom you want nothing more than to spend every minute you can with your little one. For some women, staying home with baby is easily an option. For others, financial responsibilities make it very difficult or unfeasible to make this happen. Fortunately for those struggling with the decision to stay home or return to work due to financial reasons, there are many work from home opportunities for moms.

When my first was born I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my baby with a babysitter and looked into every opportunity available to try to make it work for me to be home with her. There are, no doubt, many scams out there so you have to be careful. If you are uncertain about a company, always check the Better Business Bureau for ratings or complaints. Do your research before jumping into anything. Even if it may be legit, it may not be something that works for you. Keep in mind that there are no work from home jobs where you will instantly get rich over night. Many take time and commitment to be successful.

Marketing Opportunities

home partiesMulti-level marketing has been a long going industry. The way these work is through selling products and recruiting others to sell in order to earn residual income. There are so many trends and many do become very successful with them. Some companies even give you your own website so you can do it all online without having to physically sell and deliver products. There are far too many to list but here are some popular choices.

Mary Kay
This company has been around for ages. It has been one of the largest cosmetics selling companies in the industry. I have never personally been a consultant but I have been a customer and I must say they have quality beauty products that I really liked. Benefits that Mary Kay Reps receive include:

  • 50% commission on products sold
  • Qualify for a Career Car
  • Rewards (Jewelry and top notch products)
  • Trips to various destinations worldwide

Jewelry In Candles
This is a new company to surface the MLM groups that has become very popular. They sell candles and wax melts with hidden jewelry in them and much more. There are many similar jewelry candle companies out there but I like this one because you can actually choose your ring size or specify what you want in your candle (rings, necklaces, or earrings) whereas similar companies that sell these it’s a complete guess as to what you get and the size (rings) may not fit. They also have candles with jewelry selections for men. Benefits of representatives include:

  • 30% commission rate on direct sales
  • 6% commission rate on sales by reps signed under you
  • Sell products in person and online any time
  • 30% discount on products for yourself/gifts

This is that crazy wrap company that sells body wraps designed to tone and tighten problem areas. It’s a huge industry with so many looking for that perfect product to help them get fit. The benefits are similar to those of other companies which include reduced prices on their products for yourself and increased earning potential as you move up. You can see their commission plan to determine what you can earn and what it takes to get there. This does take motivation and effort to become profitable with it.

Non MLM Companies

If selling products to people is not your thing, there is another way. Non multi-level marketing companies work differently. Rather than trying to sell something to someone, it works by referrals. This is really easy because you probably already talk to people about the things you love. It’s the same as telling someone about a favorite place to shop. These companies have become really successful in providing residual income for members who take it seriously. You can find out more about this opportunity through Motivated Moms.

Writing Jobs

freelance writingIf you are proficient in writing and grammar there are several work from home opportunities for you. Some people earn money from personal blogs through affiliate marketing. Others can earn money by writing articles on various topics and product reviews for a client or through a in internet company that hires writers. If this is something you think would suit you (great skills in grammar, enjoy writing, knowledgeable about different word processing software) then you may want to educate yourself on Search Engine Optimization and freelance writing. Places where you can write online for profit are:

This is good place for beginners. Clients post writing projects they need to have completed at a determined rate. Like with anything out there, it takes awhile to work your way up to the higher paying articles. It’s a great place to start earning money and gain experience writing for others for extra profit. Likewise, if you have a blog already and want to add extra content that may make it more profitable for you by attracting more viewers, you can hire writers as well.

Demand Studios
This is a company that hires writers and provides assignments to complete that become published on sites that are heavily visited. It pays cash awards for your published content and allows you to get your name out there for other potential clients looking to hire qualified writers. You have to apply for specific positions and it doesn’t guarantee work.

Online Writing Jobs
This is actually a forum that posts writing opportunities across different mediums. You can find multiple freelance writing opportunities that are available including:

  • Copywriting
  • Magazine articles
  • Blogging
  • Proofreading
  • Travel Writing

Mystery Shopping

This is one method of earning extra income that also gives you the opportunity to eat at restaurants, view movies in theaters, shop, and much more while getting paid to do so plus earn a compensation for completing the task. It requires accepting jobs where you evaluate a local business on various aspects to see how well they are performing as well as areas of improvement. These can be done on your own time and some are more flexible than others. There is potential to earn serious cash if you are actively enrolled in multiple mystery shopping companies. Below I listed three of the more reputable companies.

Market Force
I like this one because they have two separate areas that you can earn money as a mystery shopper – accepting mystery shops from various businesses, and accepting mystery shops specifically for theaters. Some shops are simple as counting how many people attend a movie showing to others that are more detailed requiring a purchase or evaluating a certain service.

Best Mark
This mystery shopping company partners with Fortune and Global 500 companies to provide assignments for shoppers to evaluate various places from retail shops and restaurants to casinos and resorts. You will have to fill out an application form before you can become qualified as a mystery shopper to ensure you meet their criteria. These do offer many opportunities to make cash but it’s important that you pay close attention to detail.

This is another great company to work for that offers many fun shopper opportunities. These even include generous compensation rates for taking test drives in new vehicles. Some shops don’t even require you to leave the house; you can perform them over the phone!

There is a wide world of work from home opportunities for moms these days that weren’t available  a few decades ago. With the rising boom of social media and internet services more people are finding profitable ways to stay home with their families while providing for their families. Some opportunities will allow you to earn a little extra spending money to help out with bills while others have potential to grow with the company and earn exponential benefits.

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