The New Wearable Owlet Baby Monitor

I like to try to keep up with the times and find the latest and greatest products. When I heard about this latest technology in baby monitors I was intrigued. The wearable Owlet Baby Monitor is a unique monitoring device that provides ultimate peace of mind to parents of newborns by providing valuable information on baby while they sleep.

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The Owlet Wearable Baby Monitor

The latest brand in baby monitoring systems is now available for parents to bring assurance of their sleeping infant’s safety. Similar to the monitoring systems used in hospitals, the baby monitor tracks data including baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. It also monitors baby’s temperature and their sleeping habits that alerts parents to potential problems such as rolling over.

How It Works
The monitor works with LED lights and built-in sensors to monitor your baby’s stats using pulse oximetry. It is non-invasive and sends the data as well as alerts to parents’ smart phones via a downloadable app. If you don’t own a smart phone you can still track baby’s information through any device with an internet connection such as tablets and computers. The boot operates using rechargeable batteries. Parents will receive an alert if the batteries get low so they can continue receiving data.

Benefits of Owlet Baby Monitor
This monitor device offers many benefits to new parents. It can alleviate those common new parent fears associated with baby’s sleeping habits and helps reduce the chances of SIDS. Inspired by parents, this device was invented to alert parents of potential threats and keeps track of vitals which can be really helpful information to provide health care providers at wellness check ups to track patterns.

sleeping infantThis device can be essential for certain parents such as those with:

  • Premature infants
  • Infants born with certain health conditions
  • Babies prone to sleep apnea or other breathing problems

What’s more, the device can be used on babies while under the care of a babysitter when parents are away to send data to smart phones, allowing parents to be more at ease when they can’t be with their little ones.

What makes the Owlet unique from other similar devices is how it works. It is designed as an adjustable boot that fits on baby’s ankle for a more accurate and effective reading of baby’s vitals including pulse. It is also designed by parents for parents keeping safety in mind. The food-grade silicone construction of the boot allows for ease of cleaning and is non-toxic if baby mouths on it. The boot conveniently adjusts to growing baby up to their first year, after which the potential dangers are not as prevalent.

The launch of this device has had much success with parents for easing anxieties commonly associated with sleeping and breathing concerns. According to the CDC, approximately 70 babies die each week due to SIDS. The goal of the founders for Owlet is to reduce the incidence of SIDS risk by providing awareness to problems that can hopefully be resolved or treated accordingly.

As a mother of two babies who were born prematurely and spent time in the NICU this would have eased my stress a great deal when I first brought them home. As glad as I was to have them home from the hospital I was terrified those first few nights, not having the assurance the heart monitor provided while they slept in their incubator. I can see many parents not finding the necessity of this device; however, I believe new parents, especially those of preemies, will find great use out of this monitor.

Similar Wearable Baby Monitor Devices

There are a few other baby monitoring devices that have similar qualities to the Owlet if you find it’s not quite right for you. There are limitations to these, however, in comparison.

This is actually a built-in monitor that is designed as a garment for babies to wear. It is made of organic cotton that is soft on baby’s delicate skin without harmful chemicals or dyes. The monitor tracks baby’s respirations, sleeping patterns, and body temperature. It works with a downloadable app that parents can get on their iOS devices and Android to receive data and alerts. The garment is machine-washable and sells in packages that come with multiple kimonos at various prices comparable to Owlet.

This is another system that is designed as clothing. It is a pajama set that features built-in sensors to track baby’s heart rate, movement, and body temperature. It uses bluetooth and 3G for wireless connectivity to parent’s internet devices from the bay station which stays in the baby’s nursery or wherever they are sleeping. It is designed with safety and convenience in mind for both babies and parents with comfortable clothing that can be washed and child-proof electronic components that are removable.

You can also check out other types of baby monitors that feature movement sensors to alert parents of sleep-related concerns. Remember that no amount of technology can take the place of supervision. A sufficient caretaker should always be within a reasonable range of baby.

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