Useful Ways to Keep Your Toddler’s Artwork

Coloring and painting are great ways to let your little ones express their creativity and learn about different shapes and colors. During those early years, however, you will accumulate quite the collection of masterpieces and it only gets bigger once they start bringing them home from school. If you need to de-clutter but don’t want to chance getting caught throwing their precious drawings away, here are some useful ways to keep your toddler’s artwork.

Make an Album

You can find inexpensive photo album binders at the dollar store to preserve all of ¬†your favorite drawings your little one makes for you. It’s also a great way to see them progress as they start making more defined shapes and drawings. One day when your little Picasso is older you can give it to them to look back at their first art collection and appreciate the sentiment of holding on to them. Scrapbooking is also a fun hobby to take part in with young children as they grow older. Save bits and pieces from their creative art to use in scrapbooks for a special touch.

Create an Art Corner

Your fridge has just so much surface space to store drawings on. Save your fridge space for appointments and magnets and designate a specific area for your child’s artwork display. This can be in their room, the living room, guest room, or wherever. They can look at their artwork and proudly show off to friends and family. Plus, it may be a great preventative measure from having them draw on your walls!

Mail them Off

In this day and age people rarely mail a letter any more, but there’s something about receiving a personal letter in the mail that doesn’t quite compare to an email or text. If you have relatives such as grandparents that live far away send them your child’s drawing in the mail. This way their artwork can be shared and enjoyed by others while minimizing the pile of artwork you have in your own home.

Make Cards

Are you planning a birthday party soon or have a holiday coming up? Cut out squares of paper, such as construction paper, to keep in their art supplies for them to use when they color. Keep them in a box then when you have a birthday party coming up or a holiday, take out as many as you need to make cards with. You can have your child help in embellishing their drawings with glitter or stickers. Use card stock paper to fold in half or quarters to make a card and glue or tape their drawing to the front. Add your invitation details or write a message on the inside to send out to recipients.

Turn Them Into Puzzles

This is a great way to help your child use creative thinking and problem solving skills! Color sheets, such as those from a coloring book, are more ideal as your child has a better guide from the outlined drawing to assemble the pieces correctly. Take colored pictures and glue them to sturdy paper such as construction paper or card stock paper. Allow to dry completely then cut into squares accordingly. For younger toddlers, cut the picture into 4-8 equal squares to keep it simple enough that they can put it together. As they get a little older and able to put more challenging puzzles together you can cut the pictures into more pieces or different shapes.

Over the course of their childhood you will receive many, many works of art from your budding artist. Now you can find better use of storing them by recycling into different things so they don’t end up in the garbage. If you have any of your own useful ways to keep your toddler’s artwork please feel free to share in the comments!

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