Unique and Useful Mom Invented Baby Products

There are so many manufactures that produce must-haves for new parents that are supposedly designed to help make life a little simpler. Do you ever wonder if these manufacturers are parents themselves? We’ve listed other buying guides¬†highlighting some of the products that moms say they can’t live without including some of my favorites, but his one is a little different. These items were designed from creative moms who had the right idea. Some of these you may be familiar with and possibly even own while others may be new to you. We’ve listed some of the most useful mom invented baby products that were truly designed with you in mind by other parents.

Baby Products Invented by Moms

These products were thought of and created by moms just like you that are practical and convenient.

Patemm Diaper Changing Pad
patemm padMost diaper bags now come with a changing pad, but these are really only practical for newborns. Once your baby starts growing these seem to become inadequate and at least part of your baby (either their head or their feet, or even both) still touch the changing station that everyone else has used. These oversized pads offer complete protection for your baby with a circular design rather than rectangular. It has pockets so you can easily store diapers or cream within reach during changes so you aren’t fumbling around in the bag for it while your baby lies on the table. It’s made of a durable material that wipes clean and the whole thing neatly folds up compactly.

Wubbanub Infant Plush Toy PacifierWubbanub
Does this look familiar? We’ve featured this product before because it’s not only super cute but very smart and has received several awards including the 2008 Top Choice Award. This Soothie pacifier is the same medical-grade pacifier your baby likely had in the hospital and is attached to a cuddly pal that makes it easier to keep track of. The Wubbanub is a safer alternative to tethers and keeps your baby’s favorite paci from getting lost. Made for babies from newborn to 6 months, the Wubbanub is ideal for babies to grasp and cuddle providing comfort ¬†in several different plush animal options.

No Throw Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup TetherNo Throw
This ingenious product was designed by two moms that are sisters to eliminate the never-ending game of baby drops and momma picks it up. Babies are infamous for dropping (er, throwing) their bottles and sippy cups. This tether keeps it from hitting the ground and picking up germs. It fastens tightly around any size cup or bottle with Velcro and can be attached to baby’s stroller, high chairs, and seat belts for the car. It is the must-have item for busy moms on the go and they come in several adorable patterns.

Bummas Baby ClothsBummas
These are suitable for the cloth diapering mom, moms of little boys, or babies with sensitive skin that are prone to rashes. These eco-friendly wipes are made of super soft cotton Velour terry cloth that are made to dry baby’s bottoms for diaper changes. A wet bottom is more likely to develop an irritating rash that can easily be avoided simply by drying completely before putting a new diaper on. They’re also great for protecting against those surprising squirts from little boys or use them as cloth wipes with an easy diy solution.

New Native Footed Baby Blanketsfooted blanket
If you live in colder climates you will love this product. The inventor of this product is also the creator behind the New Native baby sling. This blanket is made to keep your baby warm especially those little tootsies that are frequently left bare from babies constantly pulling or kicking off socks and shoes. These are made with soft organic material in cotton fleece or French terry to keep your baby comfortable with an extra layer of warmth. Unlike traditional blankets and swaddlers, these footed blankets allow you to properly strap your baby in their car seat. They are available in different colors and patterns.

Products for Moms by Moms

These are mom-invented products specifically just for moms.

Push Pack Pre-Packed Hospital Labor BagPush Pack
I wish I would have had one of these when my first was born. This was designed by a mom who asked other moms what essentials they wanted and needed most in the hospital. It’s perfect for new parents who may be clueless about what to pack for the hospital as well as experienced moms who have their hands full to worry about preparing ahead of time for the new baby’s arrival. The push pack includes essential toiletries as well as helpful products you may not think about such as sanitary feminine products, disposable panties, socks, nipple cream and so much more. Plus, all the products contained in the pack are all-natural and organic to provide the best quality. Keep it in your car so you’ll always be prepared in case, like me, you have an unexpected early delivery.

Belly Bandit Compression BinderBelly Bandit
This was designed by a mom faced with the one issue most women face after having baby – getting back her pre-pregnancy waistline. The Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression binder that offers several benefits for postpartum. The wrap helps to reduce uterine swelling and water retention as well as minimize the appearance of stretch marks. In addition to helping women regain their figure the wrap also assists in providing comfort and support for the abdomen after C-section and supports your back by promoting proper posture while nursing. Ultimately the wrap will help improve your recovery time. These come in various sizes to suit every body type.

PishPosh Quick Zip CarryAll OrganizerPishposh
It’s like a bag in a bag! Have you ever had to use baby’s diaper bag as a purse simply because you didn’t want to switch out again? I’ve been there. This neat organizer holds essentials so you can easily switch between bags. It consists of a large zippered pocked with various sized pockets inside and out for the smaller things. The inside is lined with a water-resistant nylon taslon material and it is machine washable. It’s perfect for those times when you are out and need your purse and a diaper bag without carrying two separate bags.

If you are looking for something that is designed specially with your needs in mind you will want to give these cool mom invented baby products a try. These have all been tested and reviewed by moms to ensure their functionality and quality.


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