The Truth About Work from Home Moms

When you become a mother, one of the biggest decisions you make is whether you will return to work or stay home to raise your family. Fortunately with so many work from home opportunities popping up, more mothers are finding ways to be home while still earning an income. The problem is how society views work from home moms. I’ve seen it time and time again and have experienced this myself as a work from home mom.

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I’ve often seen a huge debate over moms who stay home vs. moms who work away. I’ve done both and each type of mother works equally hard. It’s a different kind of work and each option has its pros and cons. The problem I’ve often seen in the debate is that society views work from home moms and stay at home moms as lazy. This couldn’t farther from the truth. They work hard keeping up with a home and kids, running errands, making appointments, etc.

I can honestly tell you that as a work from home mother, who has also worked outside of the home after having kids, working from home is more difficult and I’ll tell you why.

Time Management – You have to manage your time wisely between taking care of your child’s needs and working. Finding an even balance can be difficult because working from home is still a job. You have to put time into it to gain from it no matter what it is you do that makes money. You have to manage a schedule that works best around you and your family.

No Time Clock – working from home is as much of a job as being a full time stay at home parent. There is no time clock to punch out. Even with time management in place the fact that your work is always with you makes it difficult to separate work from free time. With a regular outside job you have days off, like weekends and holidays. I often find myself working in my spare time when we don’t have other things going on. I’ve even brought my laptop along on vacation!

Discipline – just as important as creating time management, you need to have discipline to get the work done. When you work from home there are a lot of distractions that can get in the way of your performance. You need to be self-motivator to achieve the tasks at hand.

This is not to say that I feel that moms who don’t work from home have it that much easier. Even though the work is done, you still have to go home to a family to feed and a house to clean. When I worked away from home, my weekends were usually spent catching up on housework rather than spending quality time with my family. I had to make time for my family, because when I wasn’t working I was cleaning, or cooking, or something other.

Tips for Working Moms

Whether you work from home or away in an office, there’s one valuable tip I will share that makes it a little easier to find more time to spend with your family. After all, that’s what matters most. Assign chores on specific days. Rather than spending your entire weekend cleaning or trying desperately to get things done around your schedule, take it one day at a time. Things like dishes and laundry you will probably have to do on a daily basis but for your bigger cleaning jobs, assign those on specific days. You can get more accomplished when you stick to doing things one at a time rather than attempting to do several things at once. So on Mondays, clean the bathrooms. On Tuesday vacuum/mop the floors. On Wednesdays, dust. On Thursdays clean the kitchen. On Fridays, run errands. This is just an example. You can do whatever works best for you in the time you have, but if you assign certain chores for specific days during the week, you’ll be better organized and it won’t bombard you all at once.

The truth about work from home moms is that it’s not as glamorous as it may seem to be. It can be quite stressful at times, especially when something disrupts your schedule like a sick child or when you’re sick. Sure, it does have its perks, but if it’s something you’re considering keep these things in mind.

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