Treasured Baby Keepsake Ideas to Cherish

Babies grow at an alarming rate and before you know it those first few years have flown by. If you’re the nostalgic type, such as myself, then you find great joy in cherishing those precious moments. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most gifted baby keepsake ideas to hold on to when you want to look back at how little your sweet angel was.

These can also make awesome gift ideas for new parents to cherish those early years. When the babies aren’t babies anymore they’ll enjoy looking back and seeing how tiny they once were some of these ideas.


Footprint/Handprint Plaque

I loved this idea which was inspired by a gift I received when my son was born. There’s nothing quite as heartwarming as the grasp of a tiny hand wrapped around your finger or tickling those itty bitty baby toes. Making an imprint of your baby’s hand or foot creates a lifelong commemorative of just how little they were. I’ve actually made my own after our second son born to do his as well. I just love baby footprints!


Personalized Storybook

Bedtime is a great time to bond with your little one as you create a calm environment to help them drift off to sleep with a book. What greater way to make it even more special than to read a book that’s all about them? My husband actually has one from when he was a child. A website, has several options to choose from to create personalized storybooks featuring your baby’’s name for a custom book they’ll grow to love even more.



These are so cute and can be customized in a number of ways. I never got around to making my own but have seen some moms commemorate their preemies with a shadowbox of their tiny diapers, caps, and hospital bracelets from their first days in the NICU. A shadow box is a keepsake box with a picture frame cover which you use to display items. You can put your baby’s birth announcement, first pair of shoes, hospital bracelet, or whatever you’d like. Arrange the items as you like and use pins to hold them in place.


Bronzed shoes

This idea is an age-old classic way of preserving your baby’s early years. Having your baby’s first pair of baby shoes bronzed preserves them infinitely; although it can be pretty pricey. To bronze your baby’s shoes, you can send them off to a company that will bronze and mount the shoes on a plate. is a popular company that offers many different options. You can also try bronzing them with a DIY at home kit that is relatively inexpensive.


Baby’s First Year Photo Frame 

This is a great way to capture and display how much your budding baby has changed over their first year. It has become increasingly popular to share all of baby’s milestones each month. These customized frames have designated spots to insert a picture from each month of your baby’s growth from newborn to first birthday.


Keepsake Bear

There’s something about a teddy bear that remains a classic favorite to embrace childhood. There are many companies now that will take your favorite newborn’s outfit and turn it into a plush teddy bear they can cuddle with and you can cherish for years. There are even companies that will take a recording of baby’s heartbeat in utero from a sonogram disc and put it into a recording box that will play when you press the bear. How sweet!
There are some moments you just want to hold on to that are near and dear to your heart. Hopefully this list provides great ideas for you to cherish and preserve for long lasting memories

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