Top 5 Most Wished For Services of New Moms

A new baby can bring much joy and happiness to new parents. They can also bring a lot of stress and fatigue. With a new little person in your life requiring all of your time and attention, it’s easy for new moms to become overwhelmed. Things like cleaning the house, exercising and even an occasional shower are often put on the back burner with a new one in the household. We compiled a list of most wished for services of new moms that would help make life a little simpler upon welcoming the new addition.

Maid serviceHouse Cleaning
Who loves doing household chores? Anybody? Well, perhaps a few do enjoy it, but when there is a newborn baby in the house you soon find that laundry and dishes pile up 10 times faster than it used to. You may want to be super mom and attempt the laundry while baby’s is napping, but those are precious moments when you’ll want to catch up on some much needed sleep. Hiring a cleaning service to take on the added chores seems very appealing to a tired mom who has folding clothes furthest from her mind. It can also help to relieve stress from having a cluttered home. Accept help from others who offer and don’t be afraid to tell them the things you really need done.

For some the thought of a nanny seems absurd because you can’t imagine hiring someone else to see about your child especially when you’re home with them those first few weeks. All newborns do is eat and sleep, right; so what else could someone possibly assist with? Then there are times you just want to run to the store for a quick trip to pick up a few things, or you simply wish to take a shower, or a nap! Whether it’s your partner, family and close friends, or a hired nanny, having an extra set of hands to help out with the baby can be quite helpful (and help you keep your sanity).

spa serviceSpa
Every woman likes to be pampered. After a few weeks (or months) of restless nights and endless feedings you feel so physically and emotionally drained that you don’t know how you are still going. Who wouldn’t long for a relaxing day where the attention is centered on you for a change?

Personal Chef
chef serviceWhen you’re busy tending to midnight feedings, who has time to cook a five-star dinner? Often times, new moms even skip meals because they’re too tired or busy feeding the baby to worry about preparing their own food. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal chef do all the cooking and the dishes to boot!? We certainly think so. The next best thing? Have friends and family bring cooked meals on different nights to help you through those first few weeks. There’s a site called that allows friends and relatives to arrange a meal plan for delivering meals to new parents so that they don’t overlap each other leaving you with three different meals on the same night.

Nurse call24 Hour Nurse/Doctor Hotline
New parents are often confronted with many concerns and worries regarding their babies’ health from mysterious rashes to the colors they find in baby’s diaper. Sometimes there is cause for concern that physically needs to be addressed by a physician to check for anything serious; however, for many cases a quick phone call to a nurse can help alleviate new parent fears as to whether or not they should bring their baby in especially at 2am.

We conducted a poll and asked what was the most wished for services of new moms after brining baby home. The number one response? 52% answered that they most wished for a maid or cleaning service to help out with chores around the house. A personal chef was the second top answer. One mom we polled even said one of the services she wished for after returning home with the baby was a dog walker. What about you?

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