Top 10 Most Used Baby Products

You may have seen some of our buying guides for some of the best baby product must haves. Well, I decided to do something a little different. Rather than simply listing the best products you can buy, I want to highlight those products that really make a difference. I asked moms what were the products they used the most during their baby’s first year to find out what things you really can’t live without. Here are the top 10 most used baby products that parents relied on a daily basis to get through the tough times and make life a little easier.

Nursing Pillownursing pillow
Even if you’re not breast feeding, this has been a very popular baby item for so many uses. It is very beneficial for nursing mothers as it helps put your baby at a better feeding position. It is very useful in encouraging tummy time and helps to sit babies up some when they are playing on the floor.

Bumbo Floor Seatbumbo seat
We had one of these and we used them all the time when I worked in child care. The bumbo seat helps to support babies who are not quite sitting up on their own just yet. It supports their posture and gives the back of their head a break from always leaning against something. It also comes with a tray (purchased separately) that makes snack and meal times a cinch when you’re on the go.

Infant Swingswing
These have long been found to save a worn out mom’s sanity. Babies love the swinging/rocking motion that they were accustomed to when in the womb. These are super helpful if you have a colicky baby. It also helps for infants who have trouble sleeping or won’t sleep in a crib or bassinet (like my son).

Medela Advanced Personal Double BreastpumpMedela Breast Pumps
For those who do breast-feed, this particular double electric breast pump was one of the most widely used breast-feeding essentials. The Medela pump works with dual action suction that mimics breast-feeding for optimal collection. I used ours every day for over a year and plan on using it again with this baby we’re expecting.

BouncerFisher-Price Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Comfort Rocker
A bouncy seat is another very widely used baby gear item that can be a lifesaver. It allows your baby to sit up and see what’s going on around them, vibrates or bounces to soothe and entertain your baby, beneficial for babies to sleep (especially those with acid reflux) and is easily portable. These things are so versatile, it’s no wonder why so many moms use them.

All in One Sleepers
footiesFooties, sleepers, rompers, whatever you call them these outfits are definitely among the most used baby items in your child’s dresser. They’re suitable for play or for sleepwear, you never have to worry about losing socks or shoes, and they’re just plain easy. I bought these for both of my children and continued using them at night until they were 2 (with the exception of the fleece footed pajamas during the winter which our now 5-year old still wears)!

Burp Clothsburp cloth
Consider these your must-have item for EVERY feeding. It’s a burp rag, it’s a bib, it’s a towel. It is the one feeding accessory you want to have to save your clothes when it comes time to feed your baby. Once they’ve outgrown the burping stage, many parents continue using them to wipe up messy hands and faces because it’s simply cheaper to wash them then keep buying extra wipes.

Swaddling Blankets
baby wash clothThese are also very versatile for many, many uses. Receiving blankets or swaddling blankets can be used, obviously, for swaddling to help keep your newborn feeling more secure. They’re great for shielding your baby from the sun (and the rain, somewhat) when taking them out in the car seat. They can also serve as burp cloths, towels, or provide a more secure fit for smaller infants in a car seat! The list of uses for these goes on and on.

Baby MonitorInfant Optics baby monitor
A baby monitor is another item that most moms use well past baby’s first year. I know we used ours with our first child up until we had the second one just so I could hear her in the middle of the night if she woke up for some reason. Baby monitors give you more freedom and flexibility to go about your everyday tasks while baby is asleep. With today’s models that feature video capability, you’ll want to use them all the longer.

Playpengraco's pack n play
I absolutely loved our playpen so it came as no surprise that most would find this as a very useful baby item. There are many different models, but many of your nicer ones have a bassinet for use with your newborn so you don’t have to strain your back reaching all the way down to put baby down or pick them up. These things are wonderful for newborns, young toddlers, and for trips!

There are, undoubtedly, much more baby products that you just can’t live without. There’s too many to list here so those have been reserved to other buying guides. As for your most used baby products that you will surely give you more than your money’s worth, these items made the cut. Tell us about your favorite baby products you use every day.

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