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This category covers articles posted on toddlers. Many of these articles may fall under other categories, but if you’re looking for a particular article for help and ideas with your toddler then this is the resource to find it. A toddler is defined as a child that is over a year old, but less than three and this section will go over fun activities and helpful tips for parents.
toddler zone

Toddlerhood can be a difficult phase for a child. They’re no longer babies anymore yet they aren’t quite old enough to comprehend certain actions and demands given by parents. You’ve most likely heard the phrase terrible twos, right? That’s because children this age are testing their boundaries (and your patience) to discover new things.

Toddlers learn a little differently from babies. By the time they’ve reached this stage in development, many gross motor skills have been acquired allowing them to do more activities. Get ready for your little Miss or Mr. Independent as they will begin showing interest in taking on certain tasks such as dressing themselves. Find out ways to help boost your child toddler’s developmental skills and prepare them for Pre-K.

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