Air Travel Tips for Parents with Infants and Toddlers

I recently read about a comment that was made by a journalist traveling by flight that sparked a huge debate on the subject of child-free flights. It comes as no big surprise that children and babies can make a long flight seem even longer and unfavorable for the other passengers. In fact, in recent years there have been several movements to try and push for child-free flights. In light of this I thought I would share some air travel tips {Read More}

Bathing Your Baby While Traveling

It’s an often overlooked aspect when it comes to packing for a trip to have bathing essentials for your baby. Sure you could always take the baby in the bath tub with you but this is not exactly convenient, trust me! (If you think going to the bathroom in a restroom stall with a baby is challenging, try getting out of a bathtub with your 2 month old who can’t sit up on his own yet) If you will be {Read More}