Top Mold Free BathToys

Rub a dub, splashing in the tub. Bath toys can make tub time lots of fun for you and your baby. This is an important time for your baby to bond and learn. You may not realize it, but even as your baby is splashing they’re learning about the world around them. While you’re busy getting them all squeaky clean, keep them engaged with cool and exciting bath toys! As a mother of 3, one thing I’ve learned is that {Read More}

Top Toddler Toys for Christmas 2013

We can no longer avoid it, Christmas time is here. Last year was easy because our son was still a baby and my daughter was pretty easy going with whatever Santa brought her. Now she’s beginning to tell me things she wants and our son is older and playing more actively. With that I’ve decided to just to go ahead and compile the top toddler toys for Christmas this year. You will notice, however that I did not mention too {Read More}