Homeschooling: Hands On Learning

Everyone is different in how they learn best. With young children, the best way to teach concepts that they can easily grasp is through hands on learning activities. I like to follow this (to some extent) through various learning materials which my daughter can choose from to encourage her independence skills. This is just my technique, though some children learn better through guided teaching with specific instructions. Here are a few activities you can do with your toddler to encourage {Read More}

10 Things Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Your child is learning through everyday actions. As the parent you pose an important role as the first teacher in your child’s life. You can give them the best start to help them gain the skills they’ll need and use when they start school. It may be a little too early to start practicing mathematical equations and literature, but you can teach your children valuable lessons through a variety of activities and encouraging imagination. Here we have listed a few {Read More}