The benefits of Infant Reflexology

It’s heart-wrenching hearing your new baby cry in discomfort and not understanding what exactly is bothering them. Infant reflexology offers a natural method to soothe common maladies that babies may suffer from without potential side effects. The practice of reflexology is an ancient form of massage that involves stimulating nerve endings of the feet. It is quite an effective way of treating various organs and parts of the body and very practical for infants. It is also an ideal technique {Read More}

Amber Teething Necklaces: Not Just an Accessory

I couldn’t help but notice lately that more babies are donning a new fashion trend that had me puzzled and, to be honest, a little concerned. What was with these babies wearing little necklaces made of stones that look like REAL jewelry!? The control freak in me thought ‘babies wearing necklaces seems a bit hazardous’ so I had to ask and was completely shocked. It turns out these necklaces are actually Baltic amber teething necklaces, specifically for babies for their {Read More}

Caring for Baby Teeth: Dental Care Guide

There’s nothing cuter than those toothless grins your baby gives you when they smile in delight. For something so precious, you want to give them a healthy start to a mouth full of strong pearly whites. Dental care should start before your baby pops out their first tooth. I have provided answers to common questions concerning caring for baby teeth in this dental care guide. How Soon Should You Start Brushing While your baby may not have any teeth yet, {Read More}

When Do Babies Begin Teething

During your newborn’s first few months their diet will consist solely of milk. As your baby gets a little bigger their first teeth will emerge preparing them for bigger and better things to come. This is not a particularly favorable milestone as it typically brings undesirable symptoms including pain and swelling. In this article we’re going to discuss when babies begin teething so you can be prepared and well equipped for soothing their discomfort. Baby’s First Teeth Every child is {Read More}

Natural Teething Solutions

Teething can be gruesome to most parents. Those baby teeth are starting to come in breaking through the gums which can cause much discomfort to babies. We are actually going through this phase right now with our son so I thought I would share some natural teething solutions with you. His teeth are a little late coming in at 10 months, though this is not unusual. There is actually a wide range for what the normal age is for teeth {Read More}