Know What to Look for in a Life Jacket

With summer comes vacations and a lot of water activities. While this can be great fun, it can also spell danger. There is always a hazard with little ones when it comes to water, so safety is of utmost importance during the summer time. It’s important to know what to look for in a life jacket to keep your child safe while still having fun. When Should Your Child Wear a Life Jacket? You can never be too safe around {Read More}

Baby Safety Gate Review for Munchkin Easy-Close Gate

Baby safety gates are one of many methods you can use to┬ábaby-proof your home. Not everyone requires them but for those who do they come in quite useful. When our first child was born we lived in a different house than we do now and didn’t really need them. After we moved, however we found that it would be really useful to keep her from going into areas where we didn’t want her to go and still use them today {Read More}

Baby Proofing Your Home Check-List

I have compiled a list of my favorite safety products for baby proofing your home that I use as well as some other safety items commonly used by other parents to help keep your kids safe. As your child grows you will need to make some updates to your child proofing efforts to ensure your child’s safety as they begin to climb and open doors. *A tip for baby proofing your home – when your little one starts getting around {Read More}