Supporting Healthy Babies: Healthy Pregnancy For Reducing Prematurity

If you’re a regular follower then you know from mentions throughout several posts that I am a mother of two preemies; my first born 6 weeks early and my second at 3 weeks. I have even dedicated an article on premature infants. Preemies, or babies that are born prior to 37 weeks gestation, are at a greater risk for many health problems, SIDS, and infant mortality. That is why it’s so important to encourage healthy full-term pregnancies for reducing prematurity. {Read More}

Preemies: Babies Born Too Early

I’m going to touch on a subject that really hits close to home – prematurity. To some it may not seem as critical as other conditions, but it is something that affects 1 in 9 babies born each year. Being born too early can have a significant impact on a child’s health for the rest of their life, which is why organizations such as March of Dimes conducts research to find the causes of preterm labor and to educate women {Read More}