Natural Parenting: Attachment parenting

There is much to be said on the subject of attachment parenting, whether it’s a good thing or bad to have your kids attached at the hip to momma. In my case I had 2 completely different children and with our second, attachment parenting was the way to go. While my daughter was always a well independent child, my son was just the opposite. I didn’t want to give in to his constant crying every time for fear of spoiling {Read More}

Natural Parenting

What does it mean to be a natural parent? Well, it can be defined differently based on your perspective on living eco-friendly vs. living all-natural. In general, natural parenting is usually based on the idea or theory of attachment parenting meaning a parent’s wish to raise their kids responsively and respond to sensitivity. Personally, my take on the subject and what I intend to cover in this section is the basis of living a natural lifestyle and being environmentally conscious. {Read More}