How-To: Christmas Saving Tips for Happy Shopping

Thanks to several different couponing and money-saving groups and forums, I’ve come across various ways to save more on groceries and household items. I’ve previously shared some of these tips such as how to obtain free diapers! With Christmas just a few months away, I thought I’d share some tried and true Christmas saving tips so you don’t end up overspending or putting yourself in debt.   First, let me just state that Christmas is not about the gifts or {Read More}

Simple Money Saving Tips for Parents

Ask anyone who has children and they’ll tell you they do not come cheap. Having a baby is expensive, no doubt from furnishing the nursery to the essential baby care items needed for caring for your newborn. Have no fear for with my parenting experience I have come to find ways to cut costs and get more out of my budget. Here are some of my money saving tips for my fellow frugal moms. Couponing In today’s economy, everyone is {Read More}