Frozen Toys for Kids

When your little Frozen lover isn’t watching their favorite movie, they can bring it to life with a huge variety of toys, action figures, and dress up accessories. Here are some popular Frozen toys I came across that they will love creating their own magical adventures with. Disney Frozen Toys Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll This award winning doll made it on the Most Wanted Toy of 2014 list and it’s no wonder why. Frozen lovers will adore this Elsa doll {Read More}

Organizing Tips for Kids Toys

Now that christmas is behind you and all the gifts have been opened you look around and think, ‘Where am I going to put all of these new toys?’ You can do what I always do which is go through the old toys they don’t play with as much and put them away then rotate them to keep the kids from getting bored with the same thing all the time or donate them. To help keep things well kept together {Read More}