Infant Development: 12 Month Milestones

Hooray! You and your baby have made it through your first year! It’s a little bitter sweet as you watch your little baby growing up to a more independent child taking off on their own. They have probably achieved most of their firsts already and well on their way to doing more things that will amaze you. Here’s a look at your baby’s 12 month infant development milestones: Walks while holding one hand Stands alone well and may even try {Read More}

Infant Development: 11 Month Milestones

As their first birthday is nearing your baby will become more social, mobile, and playful in their infant development. You may be finally catching up on those Zs you missed out on during those first few months, but you will probably need it just to keep up with your little one. Here’s a look at what your 11 month old should be doing. Actively cruising or possibly even walking Able to place objects in a container one after the other {Read More}

Infant Development: 10 Month Milestones

By their 10th month, your baby is probably becoming quite chatty these days. That’s because they are exercising the infant development of speech and giving you an ear full. At times it may sound like they are jabbering away in their own language. As easy as it is to talk baby-talk to them try speaking to them in regular conversation. Hearing words the way they should be spoken will help with their speech development.  Here’s a look at some of {Read More}

Infant Development: 9 Month Milestones

By baby’s 9th month, they are developing at an amazing rate and not just physically. Your little Einstein’s brain is also developing rapidly and probably understands familiar words. In another article, I will go over toys that you can make to help promote and stimulate your budding brainiac. Here’s a look at infant development milestones your baby may be reaching this month: Pulls up to stand from a sitting position Able to sit up alone for at least 10 minutes {Read More}

Infant Development: 8 Month Milestones

By their 8th month, babies’ motor skills are really kicking into gear as they begin gaining more strength. Many babies, not all, are moving around either by scooting or crawling, and possibly standing while holding onto furniture. Here are a few infant developmental milestones you can expect your little one to be hitting this month: Adjusts their posture to reach for something Uses index finger, fourth and fifth fingers against thumb to pick up an object Tries to get toys {Read More}

Infant Development: 7 Month Milestones

Everything is up for grabs! By their 7th month of infant development your baby is exploring their curiosity by getting hold of anything and everything they can get their little hands on. They are reaching for toys that are out of reach and then some.  Be sure your home is properly baby-proofed. Here are some things your baby may be doing this month. Sits up without assistance (they may lean forward, bearing weight on both hands) Can bear full weight {Read More}

Infant Development: 6 Month Milestones

Look out world, here I come. By the end of this month your baby will be more mobile and trying to get around either by scooting, rolling, or even crawling! You will want to keep baby in comfortable clothes that are breathable and easy to move around in. It’s also time to start baby-proofing if you haven’t done so already. Here are some other infant development skills you can expect your baby to be doing at 6 months. Can lift {Read More}

Infant Development: 4th Month Milestones

Congratulations! You made it past the first 3 months with your newborn. By now you should (hopefully) both be sleeping better and into a normal routine. Now you’re ready to tackle a new set of challenges as your baby hits his infant development 4 months skills. Here’s a look at what your baby is most likely doing this month: Drooling (a good bit of it too) Has better head control Can lift head and chest to a 90 degree angle {Read More}

Infant Development: 3rd Month Milestones

By now your baby is probably starting to become more alert as they are growing out of the newborn phase. You may notice them becoming more social and interactive with you. Here’s a look at a some of the things your baby might be doing during his 3rd month in infant development. While holding them in a standing position, may begin to bear some weight on both legs May be able to lift head and shoulders between 45-90 degrees while {Read More}

Infant Development: 2nd Month Milestones

You may not notice too many changes over the next month from your baby’s first few weeks. These are a few infant development skills you may notice in your baby during their second month. Lifts head to 45-degrees while on stomach Focus and follow an object in an arc within 6 inches above the face Bobs head forward while in a sitting position The strong grasp reflex decreases Responds and may vocalize to familiar voices Keep in mind that babies {Read More}