Pre-School Checkup: 4 Year Check Up

When your little one was a baby your pediatrician checked for different things as they reached certain developmental milestones and typically had a checkup every other month. After the first year, however regular check ups become less frequent and aside from scheduled immunizations, your child will typically only see the doctor for wellness checks at every year. At age 2 and 3 your pediatrician will go over some basic routine checks such as growth measurements, vitals, and address any health {Read More}

Immunizing Your Child: Your Choice

It’s a controversial topic, whether or not to vaccine your child. While some parents vaccinate their children without hesitation others prefer doing a little research before making that decision. Regardless, immunizing your child is an important decision that you will need to make before your child is born because most babies (considering the health and if they are full-term or preemie) will receive an initial Hepatitis vaccine at the hospital unless you choose not to. Because my daughter was premature {Read More}