Homeschooling: 5 Learning Activities For Preschoolers

Teaching a toddler fundamental skills that are engaging and fun may seem like a difficult challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways that you can help boost your child’s learning to help be ready for kindergarten. Here are some basic learning activities for preschoolers that you can do to help expand your toddler’s mind and encourage developmental growth. Learning and Identifying Letters A popular decorating idea for nurseries is displaying the child’s name on the wall {Read More}

Homeschooling: Hands On Learning

Everyone is different in how they learn best. With young children, the best way to teach concepts that they can easily grasp is through hands on learning activities. I like to follow this (to some extent) through various learning materials which my daughter can choose from to encourage her independence skills. This is just my technique, though some children learn better through guided teaching with specific instructions. Here are a few activities you can do with your toddler to encourage {Read More}