Breastflow Baby Bottles: Bad Buy

When I was looking into getting baby bottles for my breast-fed son I wanted one that was designed to mimic breastfeeding with a vacuum-suction so he wouldn’t get used to the faster flow of a traditional bottle and a natural nipple shape to avoid nipple confusion. I found the Breastflow bottles by The First Years and they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Turns out, these were the worst baby bottles I have ever tried (and I’ve {Read More}

Establishing healthy sleep habits

The key to getting your baby on the right path to successfully sleeping through the night and getting adequate rest is establishing healthy sleep habits. We were not as adamant about establishing a sleep schedule with our second child as we should have and quickly realized that was a mistake. When you set up a sleep schedule it helps your child (both of them if you have more than one) to sleep better. Don’t wait! Don’t wait until your baby {Read More}