Diaper Bags and BackPacks Guide

Diaper bags are a must have for any parent. A baby requires having essentials on hand such as diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. Sure, the average woman carries around a hand bag of some type anyway so why does she need a diaper bag? These bags are specifically made for carrying around those essentials by keeping them organized and they come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve provided this informative diaper bags and backpacks guide to help you decide your options. {Read More}

Wish List: Diaper Bags Under $50

I have gone through quite a few diaper bags in my life as a mom. I always chose diaper bags under $50 because I didn’t want to overspend on a fancy bag, however I have probably spent well over $100 with as many as I’ve gone through. With my first child I didn’t factor in practical and chose one I thought was cute for a little girl. It was a decent bag with plenty of compartments and a good price {Read More}