Buying Guide for Interactive Toys

It seems like there are endless toys out there marketed for babies and toddlers and all claim to help babies learn in some way or another. While a buying guide on interactive toys for development can be helpful to pick out the best options, the reality is your baby will most likely be more interested in the box that it came in. That being said, there really are some toys that are aimed at helping your baby reach their developmental {Read More}

Fisher-Price See ‘N Say Review

Who remembers having one of these as a kid? I know I do. One thing that I love about Fisher Price toys is their classic style that always comes back around. As with anything, they are now much more improved and have more advanced features than the original models, but it’s still basically the same thing. I couldn’t resist having one of these for my children as a neat learning toy to have. Here is my Fisher-Price See ‘N Say {Read More}

Eco-Friendly Toys Babies Love

You would think that for something that babies often put straight in their mouths that infant toys would be safe. You may be surprised to learn that recalls on baby toys are fairly common due to high levels of lead or toxic paints found in them. One factor that raises concern to many consumers is the importing of products from other countries. It wasn’t until my sister, who is very eco-conscious, had sent over a few eco-friendly toys as a {Read More}

7 Homemade Developmental Toys for Baby

Go down the toy aisle of any store that carries baby/kids merchandise and you will find a slew of fancy, hi-tech toys designed to stimulate developing little minds. Honestly, you can make engaging toys that are just as stimulating without the high price tag or the need for batteries. Babies don’t care if it came from the store or just materials you have at home. They will love playing with these homemade developmental toys just as much. Call me old-school {Read More}