Valuable Toddler Songs for Development

You know those catchy nursery rhymes that your parents played for you or you heard in preschool? While these tunes are often very engaging for children, they also play a key role in your child’s development. There’s much more to those melodies than just singing and dancing. Some excellent toddler songs for development your preschooler will love also have skill building value they can benefit from later on in life.   Music can have a great impact on a developing {Read More}

The Dangers of the ‘W’ Sit

If you are a parent then you may have heard of the W sit. It is a common sitting posture among toddlers and young children. If you’re unfamiliar with this posture, W Sitting is when kids sit on their bottom with the knees bent and the legs are spread out from the body on both sides. If you were to look at the child from above you will notice the legs are forming letter W, hence the term. Why Do {Read More}

25 Things Every Child Should Experience

Kids today are born into a digital age. With so many technological advances we’ve become so dependent on modern technology that we might be missing out. It’s important to ensure that our kids are still getting the exercise and mental stimulation they need for healthy growth and development. To ensure they don’t miss out on key experiences here is a list of things every child should experience from physical activities to learning life skills from common events. Activities Every Child {Read More}

Homeschooling: Hands On Learning

Everyone is different in how they learn best. With young children, the best way to teach concepts that they can easily grasp is through hands on learning activities. I like to follow this (to some extent) through various learning materials which my daughter can choose from to encourage her independence skills. This is just my technique, though some children learn better through guided teaching with specific instructions. Here are a few activities you can do with your toddler to encourage {Read More}

9 Month Check-Up

So today I brought my kids in for a follow-up and check-up. My baby had bronchiolitis (slightly different from bronchitis but most commonly affects infants and children) a couple weeks ago. The antibiotics they put him on messed up his appetite and his stomach so bad that he had lost weight. Well, I’m happy to report that he is bouncing back on the growth chart and seems to be doing fine. Even my daughter (my preemie now 3 ½) made {Read More}