Useful Ways to Keep Your Toddler’s Artwork

Coloring and painting are great ways to let your little ones express their creativity and learn about different shapes and colors. During those early years, however, you will accumulate quite the collection of masterpieces and it only gets bigger once they start bringing them home from school. If you need to de-clutter but don’t want to chance getting caught throwing their precious drawings away, here are some useful ways to keep your toddler’s artwork. Make an Album You can find {Read More}

How To Repurpose Baby Food Jars

Preparing your own baby food can be a great cost-effective way of providing meals for your baby. However, as a busy mom there are times when I just don’t have time to prepare batches of baby food. For times when we’re on the go or I don’t have something readily prepared in the fridge, I’ll get store-bought jars to keep on hand. I hate to throw away good glass jars so I’ve found a few ways to repurpose baby food {Read More}