Top 10 Best Selling Cribs of 2013

Every year they come out with newer models in products that are bigger and better than the year before. While sometimes it is unnecessary to change up to the latest and greatest, when it comes to cribs you want the newest one for your baby. Most baby gear and furniture go through a series of tests to ensure they are up to date on safety standards. I’ve compiled a list of the best selling cribs for 2013 if you’re currently {Read More}

What I Am Looking For In Buying A New Crib

When I was pregnant with our first child, the place we previously lived at was smaller than our home now so space played a large part in our buying decisions as we prepared for our arrival. Our bedroom however, was fairly spacious so we gave no thought on our choice of crib at the time. It was a drop-side crib which as since been recalled so the manufacturer sent us a new one that met the new safety standards. Now {Read More}