How Yoga Benefits You and Your Child

Yoga is an exercise technique that has been widely adapted for its many wonderful benefits. This form of exercise helps you unwind and destress, improves balance and stamina, and boosts the circulatory system but adults aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this practice. Practicing yoga is very advantageous for people of all ages, even in-utero. Learn how yoga benefits you and your child for a healthier, less stressed lifestyle. Practicing Yoga from the Start Exercise during pregnancy can {Read More}

The benefits of Infant Reflexology

It’s heart-wrenching hearing your new baby cry in discomfort and not understanding what exactly is bothering them. Infant reflexology offers a natural method to soothe common maladies that babies may suffer from without potential side effects. The practice of reflexology is an ancient form of massage that involves stimulating nerve endings of the feet. It is quite an effective way of treating various organs and parts of the body and very practical for infants. It is also an ideal technique {Read More}

Infant to Toddler Rocker Review

There is one particular baby gear item that I loved and I think all mothers should own; that is – a bouncy seat. These things are lifesavers. Baby can play in them, fall asleep in it, and best of all you can pick it up and carry it to bring baby with you from room to room. I especially recommend this item for colicky babies. With my son, who was very colicky his first few months, placing him in his {Read More}

Soothing A Colicky Baby

When you think on becoming a parent, for most the first thought that comes to mind is a sweet happy baby. You don’t anticipate a constantly-crying infant that is inconsolable for hours on end. Some parents are fortunate to have that perfect infant that is happy-go-lucky the majority of the time. At least, our first born was that way. Others, however, know all to well the struggles of having a fussy baby. I can relate and when baby’s not happy, {Read More}