How To Repurpose Old Burp Cloths

Many new moms receive quite a few burp cloths when they have a baby for all those messy spit ups. After awhile, however they start to accumulate and become stained and dingy from regular use. So what do you do with those used burp cloths? If you find yourself with more than enough or your baby has simple outgrown them there are several ways that you can repurpose old burp cloths rather than just tossing them in the garbage. While I was {Read More}

How-To Make Your Own Baby Wipes

Even more than diapers, one thing all new parents go through a LOT of are baby wipes. It doesn’t matter if you are cloth diapering or using disposables, wipes are essential. If you’re like me you use them for far more than just diaper changes. I like to use flannel cloth wipes with our cloth diapers but prefer something disposable for when we’re on the go. I don’t buy into the labels ‘sensitive’ or ‘infused with aloe’ on the big {Read More}