Keeping Babies and Toddlers Safe at Christmas

Christmas time is a fun time for adults and kids alike with festive decorations and wrapped presents under the tree. Likewise, this time of the year can also spell trouble for parents of crawlers and walkers. Here are some tips for keeping babies and toddlers safe at Christmas time around those holiday decorations so you can deck the halls with less stress. Baby Proofing: Christmas Edition It’s the most wonderful time of the year; aside from the looming dangers of {Read More}

Baby Proofing Your Home Check-List

I have compiled a list of my favorite safety products for baby proofing your home that I use as well as some other safety items commonly used by other parents to help keep your kids safe. As your child grows you will need to make some updates to your child proofing efforts to ensure your child’s safety as they begin to climb and open doors. *A tip for baby proofing your home – when your little one starts getting around {Read More}

Baby Proofing Guidelines

In all honesty, there is no amount of baby proofing that will keep your baby/toddler from getting into something. However, there are safety measures you need to take to help ensure your baby’s safety. I’ll take you room by room on what you need to do in order to make your home more baby-friendly. The only way you can keep your baby safe from absolutely everything would be if you could put them in a bubble! There is just so much {Read More}