Learning through play

The art of play is a vital tool for a baby. Babies are often learning through play by watching and interaction. It helps babies develop key skills they will use later as well as encourage socialization, development and intelligence. Don’t buy into the expensive DVD sets that claim to teach and engage your baby. The best thing to engage and entertain your baby is you. Though the idea of sitting a child in front of the TV seems appealing to {Read More}

Baby learning activities and tips

A child’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything around them. Babies are constantly learning through their environment. Even the crib can present a great baby learning opportunity for them. Whether it’s discovering their feet, objects on the wall or ceiling or simply light moving across the wall there is always something babies can learn from. There are so many products on the market pushing you to buy to help your baby learn. Let me tell you from the get-go {Read More}