Top 10 Unique Baby Products

It seems as though every year something new and better comes out. Companies are rapidly trying to keep up with the times and baby products are no different, with better ideas and concepts aimed at making the lives of parents a little easier. That’s what lead me to create this list of top 10 unique baby products as of 2015. I’m always on the lookout for some of the newest finds and trends in baby gear. As a mother of {Read More}

Winter Baby Gear Must-Haves

When you have to get your little ones out and about in the cooler months, it’s important to make sure they are kept warm. With squirmy little babies who love kicking off shoes, socks, and blankets, this can sometimes be tricky. Be prepared for the winter weather with these useful winter baby gear must-haves. Winter Baby Apparel Keep little ones warm and cozy with these winter apparel items that are easy to put on and take off. Columbia Baby Bunting {Read More}

The Top 10 Best Baby Gear Gadgets

Are you the type of person that geeks out over the newest gadget? There are so many different electronic devices that are available to help make life simpler, especially for parents. I did a little research of my own to find some of the best baby gear gadgets that are hot on the market right now for the techie lover! We rely very heavily on technology these days. There are apps for just about anything you can imagine. It makes {Read More}

Best Baby Products of 2014

They’re always coming out with new products each year that are aimed to be better than the stuff from the year before. I mean, just look how far car seats have come along! Companies often strive to produce better products that are especially convenient for parents. I like to stay current on the latest and greatest so I did a little searching around for the hottest items to hit the market so far this year. Here is my list of {Read More}

The 5 Baby Gear Must Haves for the First 6 Months

A baby’s needs rapidly change throughout their various stages of development. During the first few weeks your newborn’s needs mainly consist of eating and sleeping. Once your baby begins moving around and becoming more social they will be ready for bigger and better things. Equip yourself with these baby gear must haves for the first 6 months of your baby’s development. Activity Gym An activity gym is very beneficial to baby’s development. These allow baby to play while on their {Read More}

Best Multi-Function Baby Gear Products

It seems as though baby product manufacturers are more tuned in on the trend of less is more. Everything is coming out more compact and portable now and baby gear is no exception. There are several items that I love which are really great space savers as opposed to some of the older, bulky models. These are some of the best top picks in multi-function baby gear that will save you space and money. 2-in-1 Swings A swing is practically {Read More}