Stainless Steel vs Plastic Baby Bottles: Everything you need to know

Many women opt to breastfeed when their bundle of joy is born, however as it is not a choice for everyone, bottle-feeding is the next best option to feed your baby the important nutrients and vitamins they need. When choosing a baby bottle, it is automatic to purchase a plastic bottle, as this is one of the most popular choices on the market. However, thanks to new technology and research, stainless steel bottles have become a new way of feeding {Read More}

Breastflow Baby Bottles: Bad Buy

When I was looking into getting baby bottles for my breast-fed son I wanted one that was designed to mimic breastfeeding with a vacuum-suction so he wouldn’t get used to the faster flow of a traditional bottle and a natural nipple shape to avoid nipple confusion. I found the Breastflow bottles by The First Years and they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Turns out, these were the worst baby bottles I have ever tried (and I’ve {Read More}