Baby and Child CPR: What Every Parent Should Know

Long before I began having children I learned the important steps in performing CPR through a class in high school. It’s a very valuable lesson to learn in the event of a cardiac or breathing emergency. As a parent and my past experience in the medical field I’ve learned how quickly these emergencies can happen, which is why baby and child CPR is something that every parent should know. Babies are notorious for being curious and putting things in their {Read More}

Infant Allergies

Allergens: those pesky little buggers that cause our body’s immune system to over react and release histamines to fight off what our body signals as a foreign substance. Babies are especially prone to allergies as their bodies are newly exposed to various environments. There are several different types of infant allergies that may be a result of genetics (inherited from my mom or dad) or environmental factors. Common Infant Allergies Infants and children come into contact with allergens by way {Read More}