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So I listed some sleeping strategies in my recent post onĀ Sleep Solutions. We had different techniques for each of my children. While both of them always had to be kept at an incline to help them sleep, we also had different techniques for each one. Any parent with multiple children, even twins, can tell you that each child is different in their own way. Hence we listed several different methods for helping your child drift off so baby and mom rest peacefully.

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I found out among different things, what other moms said worked best for their babies. When recently asked 100 moms on a Facebook parent forum, these were the results I obtained:

39% said sounds worked for them. Moms found that having some type of sound from singing, baby lullaby cds, vacuum cleaner, white noise or sound machine helped their babies get to sleep.

25% said breastfeeding or a warm bottle helped their little ones doze off.

21% said they used a combination of different things as part of bed time routine to put their babies down. The most common was bath, bottle, book, then bed.

7% used motion of some means to soothe their fussy baby to sleep. The most popular techniques reported were rocking, car ride, or using a swing.

4% reported swaddling worked best for their babies.

The remaining 4% used other techniques to help their babies get to sleep. These included doing things such as back rub/patting the butt, wrapping or placing something from mom such as a t-shirt with baby, and using a sleep aid such as a pacifier or favorite blanky/toy.

So there you have it. The top method in sleeping strategies that most parents found worked for their babies was using some source of sound. Among these parents, these were the results for what they used:

33% said they sing to their babies. This makes sense as babies seem to find mom’s voice comforting as it what they are used to hearing in the womb.

20% said they used a CD, soundtrack, or another source of music to lull their babies to dreamland.

18% used a sound machine that played various sounds i.e. ocean waves, nature sounds, or lullabies.

13% said they used some source for white noise such as a box fan or white noise app.

8% found that a vacuum cleaner seemed to help their babies fall asleep. What better way of doing two things at once- cleaning and getting your baby to sleep!

And the other 8% said they used a hair dryer!

Every child is different and there may be some sleeping strategies not listed here you find work best for getting your little one down. You find whatever works for you and stick with it.

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