What Are the Signs Your Child is Gifted?

Every parent loves to brag about their child’s achievements, talents, and special skills. It’s perfectly natural for parents to brag on their children and everyone feels their child is so smart. With smart toys designed to challenge and encourage learning and development, it’s easy to see how a child’s intelligence can be influenced. Children’s minds are like sponges that absorb a lot of information, but some may be better at retaining it than others. Your child’s brightness on certain things could be signs your child is gifted.



Of course, every parent feels their kid is special. Every child learns in their own way and at their own pace, so naturally some will learn faster than others. However, there could be more to their apparent intelligence. This was not something I had given much thought to until my daughter actually started school and realized she already knew most of the curriculum. The teacher sent a paper asking if I felt she was gifted or special in certain areas. This is something worth looking into before your preschooler begins school as teachers don’t always catch on to displays of giftedness in children. Knowing early can ensure your child is placed in a program that will suit them and enhance their knowledge capabilities.

Signs That You May Have a Gifted Child

Your child’s behavioral traits could be more than just a wild imagination and strong will. These are not guaranteed signs your child is gifted, but there are many common traits that many gifted kids share. Here are a few things to look for in your child that could indicate they may be gifted.

  • Quick to learn new thingssmart boy
  • Has excellent memory
  • Starts talking early and talks quickly
  • Early motor skill development in balance and coordination
  • Has wide vocabulary for their age
  • Early readers or eager to learn how to read before school
  • Eager observers and intense curiosity
  • High energy level
  • Relates to older children and adults
  • Shows compassion
  • Questions authority
  • Shows interest in a wide range of things

IQ testThe only sure way to know if your child is gifted is to have them tested with an IQ screening by a trained psychologist. This scale shows the ranges of IQ scores that fall within the gifted class:

130 – 145 means moderately gifted
146 -159 means highly gifted
160 – 179 means exceptionally gifted
180 or greater indicates profoundly gifted

Of course, your parenting instincts do play an important role as well in identifying key signs your child is gifted. Sometimes a child may be gifted in one specific area which may not be well represented with an IQ test. Also, keep in mind that IQ screenings do not reflect giftedness in arts and music or other non-intellectual factors. If you believe your preschooler or toddler may be gifted talk to your pediatrician about testing or a psychology referral for evaluation.

Early detection can help provide your child with the nurturing enrichment to meet their intellectual needs. Some gifted children do not socialize well with their peers in a regular school setting or may not be a good fit for the style of teaching that is conducted in a standard class. If giftedness is determined, your child may qualify for a private preschool or gifted program that is tailored to their learning capabilities.

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