How to Shed the Baby Weight Naturally

losing weightWhen you’ve carried a baby, your body naturally goes through some serious physical changes. I’m not just talking about the extra pounds; your hips also expand as your body made room to carry a human being. You may not ever fit back into your favorite skinny jeans and that’s OK. Within time, your body will resume its pre-pregnancy proportions as your uterus shrinks and once you’ve stopped lactating. It is very common for women to carry around a little extra weight after having a baby. I’ve listed some natural ways to shed the baby weight that are easily achievable.

Meal Planning
When you’re sleep deprived and exhausted, you probably don’t feel like cooking a meal. Fast food and take out may seem appealing and more convenient, but these are loaded with calories and fats that you don’t want hanging around your midsection. You can avoid this by having a set meal plan and cooking ahead. When making your grocery list make a meal plan for the week as well. Find healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and that you can make in large batches. When you go shopping you’ll know what ingredients you need so you’ll already have them on hand when you go to cook your meal. Store what you will eat within a couple of days in the fridge and freeze the rest of the leftovers for a quick, healthy meal later in the week. Instead of hitting the nearest fast food restaurant for lunch, take leftovers with you to work. This will help you stay on track to a healthy diet and save money! It’s a win-win.


Make Time to Exercise
mother and baby exercisingAs a mother of two I know how hectic life gets as a parent. Who has time to hit the gym, right? Not to mention the costly membership fees. No matter how busy your schedule is, there are ways to sneak in some exercise. Did you know you can burn calories while doing household chores!? Try listening to upbeat music while you’re mopping and washing the dishes. The beat will get you pumped up and dancing around as you clean can workup a sweat while you burn calories.

Try not to get too relaxed during TV time. Instead, squeeze in some exercise during commercials such as jumping jacks and sit ups. When the kids are playing, join them! Kids need regular exercise just as adults do. Jumping rope, hula hooping, and taking the kids out on a bike ride are all great ways to get in some cardio!

Lazy Tea
Looking for the easy way out? Honey and cinnamon are two natural components that have long been thought to help with weight loss. I’ve heard about this lazy tea that helps with weight loss by boosting your metabolism and decreasing your appetite. Consequently, you eat less and burn more calories. Does it actually work? My mother certainly thinks so and drinks it on a daily basis. There are many people who have attributed their weight loss simply by drinking this tea.

Here’s how you make it:

You will need 2 tsp honey (it should be pure, raw honey that is made locally), 1 tsp of cinnamon, and a cup of water. First, boil your water. Once your water has come to a boil, pour it over the cinnamon in a cup or mug and steep until it’s warm enough to drink. After the cinnamon water has cooled down, add the honey. It’s important not to stir in the honey while the water is still hot because this will destroy the nutrients and enzymes of the raw honey. Drink half of the tea just before you go to bed and save the remaining half for morning by placing it covered in the refrigerator. Drink the rest first thing in morning and do not reheat it! You might need to gently stir it as the cinnamon may settle to the bottom. For best results, the tea should be consumed on an empty stomach so avoid eating anything at least an hour before bed, prior to drinking it.

More Weight Loss Tips

The reason diets don’t work is because they are often very restrictive, which leads people to cheat. After awhile most people just throw out the diet altogether. The key to losing weight and staying healthy is by making lifestyle choices. Here are some additional natural ways to shed the baby weight by making a few simple changes:

  • Eat what you would serve your child. A healthy diet for toddlers and children is one that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. When you’re buying snacks for the kids, buy some healthy fruits and veggies that you love as well for healthy snacking. Also check out some of the tasty recipes in my Magic Bullet recipes.
  • Swap ice cream for a healthier alternative. When you have those late night cravings for something sweet, go for yogurt instead. Another delicious treat that you can swap in place of ice cream is freezing bananas. I always buy a bunch of bananas rather than just picking three or four. They’re cheap, healthy, and make a really satisfying frozen treat. Cut up a couple of bananas to freeze then when they’re ready put them in the blender with a little bit of milk and blend it up until it’s smooth and the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter to add some protein!
  • Stop buying junk food and soft drinks. I’ll admit I am bad for having a soda habit. I find the best way to stay away from it is by not buying it, even when it is on sale. It serves no nutritional value at all and can lead to health problems later on down the road such as diabetes, kidney problems, and bladder infections just to name a few. You’re best bet when shopping in the grocery store is to stay along the outside aisles. You’ll save yourself time and money by sticking to only the items on your list and avoiding the junk food aisles.

Achieving weight loss doesn’t have to be hard. Of course, regular exercise and adequate nutrition play an important role in maximizing your efforts, though you can still make simple choices that will help to shed the baby weight.

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