Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center Review

Let’s face it, there are times when mom could use a helping hand. Babies love to be entertained and sometimes you just need a little extra time to get things done. The Bounce Around Activity Center from Sassy is a wonderful toy that will keep your baby engaged while keeping them safely secured. Activity centers have become widely popular with the dangers and risks that traditional walkers pose, because these are stationary yet allow babies to put support on their legs. Read on to find out more in my Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center Review.

Inspire the Senses Bounce Around Activity Center

Babies often love being bounced. This activity center allows them to bounce up and down with fun and engaging toys to keep them happily entertained.

Sassy bounce around activity center

It consists of a rotating seat that is capable of turning 360 degrees, which means it’s easier for babies to move and ensures they have a lot of fun with a wide range of toys. This activity center basically provides the baby with a perfect platform to play around with his/her favorite toys being docked in the pods that are found all around the rotating seat. These pods have been made removable which helps parents to replace the old toys with new ones as the baby outgrows them or gets attracted to newer toys. The activity center comes with 5 pods to give the baby as many toys as possible and 4 legs to make sure the toy is ultra safe for kids as it prevents from falling or tripping over. The activity center accommodates babies up to 25 pounds.

The rotatable seat is washable, which makes maintenance much easier when it gets stained or dirty from leaks and spills. Trust me, it happens. All the toys that come along with the package are in some way or the other designed to improve baby’s sensory development like touch, taste, hearing and vision. The pod toy attachment system is really neat and unique from other types of similar activity centers in that you can update the activity center with new toys. This is a great way to ensure long lasting amusement from changing it up so babies don’t easily become bored over time with the same toys and also allows you to clean and sanitize them more easily. Just in case you are wondering, the toys that come with this activity center, including the teether are all BPA-free.  It also features 3 different height positions to grow with your baby. Seats and legs are detachable which makes it easy to carry during travel and does not take up much space.

I really don’t have any gripes about this activity center other than the rotatable seat that can be a bit finicky about turning at times, which restricts access to some of the toys. Another drawback with the seat is that it is a little difficult to remove for washing with all the elastic hooks you have to undo to take it off. Considering this is made to hold a baby up to 25 pounds, this actually provides better reassurance that it can withstand baby’s weight jumping up and down in it.

What Others Have Said About the Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center

I like to give a well-rounded review of the products I feature to give you the good and the bad on it before buying, so I sought out what others had to say to add to my Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center review. Here are their thoughts based on their own personal experience.

The Good

Easy to assemble, entertaining, not nearly as large as I expected. It’s lovely.
It’s nice that the toys are removable, as my niece likes to crawl around with the froggy.
I bought this bouncer for my 4 month old daughter. She loves the music and all of the fun interactions.

The Bad

The color scheme for this jumper is bright and fun but I do feel it looks more like it’s for a girl rather than being gender neutral.
I wish it would have rotated little bit more smoothly.
Although everything says it is collapsible (which is what I wanted to take with us traveling), I would not take this apart.

My Final Thoughts
This activity center is really great in comparison to other activity centers. One of the main features that really stands out is the fact that the toys can be removed and interchangeable with updated toys. It’s also more compact in size, I find, to other types. Babies love it and it’s quite stimulating for their development. I would highly recommend it based on my review.

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