Review on Kid-Friendly Bowls

It’s inevitable that kids will make messes. As parents we look for products that simplify our lives and helps to make raising our kids a littler easier. I know I love products that minimize messes. Meal times pose the greatest potential for these incidences, which is why I have sought after kid-friendly bowls that moms love.

I’ll admit when it comes to spills and messes my OCD kicks in. The sight of spilled carrot puree on my tile kitchen floor makes me cringe. While I know I can’t keep this from happening, because even the best feeding products won’t keep my son from taking his spoon and deliberately chunking his food clear across the room or dropping his cup onto the floor, I have found a few products that help.

Best Slip-Resistant Bowls and Plates for Babies

I have seen several bowls that are made with suction bottoms to supposedly prevent mishaps from babies turning bowls over or dropping them. In fact, I did mention one made by Boon that was quite popular among many moms who loved it. I had never tried these before because I had received a Dr. Sears Feeding Set by Zak! Designs that I really loved and worked well for me.

divided bowlDr. Sears is a pediatrician and also a  really smart man for some of his designs in baby products. The feeding set I received came with a divided bowl, a snack tray, a smoothie sipper, a sippy cup, and a cute flatware set. I really liked all of the products but I believe the divided bowl has to be my favorite. What’s great about it is that it has a specific design (much like a dog bowl I would say) that keeps it from tipping over like traditional bowls. Plus it has non-skid grips underneath that work very well to keep it from sliding around on his high chair tray so it stays put (unless he decides to grab the whole thing) It also comes with a lid so whatever is left that he hasn’t eaten can be kept fresh and stored for later.

• Tip-proof design
• Non-skid base
• Includes snap-on lid
• Not microwaveable
• Not 100% slide resistant
• Inconvenient for travel bag


While I do love this bowl I wish it did have a good suction base so that my mess-maker couldn’t lift it up so easily. The non-skid base does help some to keep it from sliding around as easily as other traditional bowls, however if my son gets his grasp on it he can still pull it and toss it on the floor. On the other hand, I do really like the shape of the design because it can’t tip over as easily. Also, I wish it were microwaveable. It is dishwasher-safe, however you cannot use it in the microwave. For that reason I mainly use this bowl for freshly prepared meals that are already warm, but it would be more convenient when storing leftovers in the fridge to be able reheat them in the microwave. As for on-the-go I prefer the regular bowls we have with snap-on lids because they fit better in the diaper bag.

This is what other actual buyers had to say about this divided bowl:

”After a year this bowl holds up well after washes, does not leak and fun.”
”I bought this bowl to heat up and serve baby food for my son then discovered it is not microwave safe.”

A few additional notes about this product:
It is very durable and made of BPA-free material. I really like the divided bowl aspect rather than the plates for runnier purees. In a plate they spread too thin and I have to scrape it to the edge of the plate to get it in the spoon. Each section holds about 4oz of food. Also, the snap on lid is said to be leak-proof. Based on other reviews I’ve read I have heard mixed feelings on this. Some say it never leaked while others said it did. I don’t use this bowl for taking along on trips or store it sideways so I can’t really vouch for this. I did test it just to try by adding water in each divided section and turned it over with the lid snapped on and it did NOT leak. I’m not sure how well it would hold up if say it were in a bag and being carried around, though.

As for the rest of the products in the feeding set I have – I don’t care for the sippy cup. It has a cute design, the handles are easier for little hands to hold, and it has a flow control valve, but bottom line is it leaks terribly. If it wouldn’t be for that, it would be a great sippy cup. The snack tray is really neat for holding several small finger foods at once and a separate container that keeps dips cold. My daughter, at 3 years old, still loves the carrot and broccoli utensils. I do like the spoon because it’s deeper and holds liquids much better than other infant and toddler spoons. She also really likes the smoothie sipper. It has a pear shape design that makes it easier for her to hold and a wider straw for sipping thicker beverages like smoothies (and as you may have read in my post on the Magic Bullet review, I make a lot of smoothies) The cup also has a rubberized grip bottom so it doesn’t skid, although my daughter mainly holds hers anyway.

sippy cup snack tray flatware set smoothie sipper

Kid-Friendly Bowls With Suction Cups

Here is an alternative if you would prefer a bowl that absolutely cannot go anywhere. I suggest looking around and doing a little research first before buying a bowl with a suction cup base and here’s why: a very popular item I’ve seen many parents get are the Munchkin Stay Put Bowls, although based on what other moms had to say about them, the suction doesn’t actually work on most plastic high chair trays.

It’s a great concept, but if you’re looking to buy a bowl based on this purpose be sure to check out other reviews from actual buyers so you don’t end up wasting your money.

“I bought these bowls with the hopes of ending the food-dumping behavior. They did not help with that!”
”I agree with other reviewers, bowls do not stay put!”

Spill catcher bowl with suctionA better one I’ve read many positive reviews on is the Boon Spill-Catcher bowl. This looks like it would be very useful when my son starts eating more independently especially with things like cereal or oatmeal. With a 4.2 out of 5 star rating many actual buyers reported that the suction works quite well on various surfaces including high chair trays and table tops. I may just have to get one of these when my son is old enough for it.

Gyro Bowl

So I mentioned my favorite bowl for infant feeding, now here’s one of my favorite kid-friendly bowls for toddlers. You may have seen these advertised on TV. My mother-in-law had bought one for our daughter 2 years ago as a Christmas gift. It’s one of her favorite snack bowls to eat out of and if asked this is the one she chooses.

Gyro Bowl

Gyro bowl is the only one of its kind with a gyrating inner bowl that rotates 360 degrees to prevent spills. You can use it for toddlers, kids, and adults for non-food items as well.

• Very good construction; durable
• BPA-free and dishwasher safe
• Includes snap-on lid
• Not 100% spill-proof
• A little trick to clean in the dishwasher
I’ll share a couple of things other buyers had to say about the Gyro based on their experiences:
“I wanted to buy these for my toddler who would often accidentally spill her snacks. This bowl does exactly what it says!”
“I figured we’d try this bowl for our 2 year old. After putting cereal in it within minutes it spilled.”

Maddy with gyroWhen used properly, this bowl is virtually spill-proof. The reason I say properly is because if your toddler holds the inner bowl rather than by the handle as intended, the bowl doesn’t swivel like it should thus potentially leading to spills.  Also, if they drop the bowl the contents will naturally all fall out. I must say, though, that this is still by far the best snack bowl for traveling. Since the inner bowl moves it’s perfect for holding snacks while riding in the car. It’s not perfect BUT it is better than a traditional bowl. Plus it comes with a snap-on lid to keep leftover snacks fresh for later.

I say it’s a little tricky to clean only because when placed in the dishwasher you have to fix it to where the bowl is facing downward or at least open in order for it to get cleaned. Because it turns when you move it, if you place it in the dishwasher rack on its side, for instance, the inner bowl will automatically turn upwards (at least in my dishwasher it does because of our top rack). I have to fix it in a way that holds the bowl in place without turning upward so the inside of it gets cleaned properly.

Snack Catcher Bowls

snack catchersAnother spill-proof alternative to the Gyro are snack catchers. There are several different variations of these kid-friendly bowls, but basically it is a bowl or snack cup that has a slotted lid to allow kids to get snacks out while minimizing spills. These are virtually spill-proof because of the lid and great for holding snacks with handles that are easy to hold. However, the problem I have with these and why I DON’T use them while on the go is because when my toddler puts her hand in it she always grabs a handful of her snacks. Therefore, when she takes her hand out, she usually winds up spilling some and I’ll find crushed goldfish in the bottom of her car seat later.

The reason I prefer the Gyro bowl specifically while traveling is because the open top  makes it easier for her to pick just one snack item at a time. Even though it is see-through, for some reason she cannot manage to take just one snack out at a time despite my advising her and demonstrating how to do this. This is just based on my experience with my child; they may serve better for others as they do have a better rating than the gyro bowl with 4.0 out of 5 stars.

To quote others’ reviews on this product, here are some snippets from what they had to say about them:

“I love being able to hand my child her snacks in the car knowing the mess will be more contained.”
“My only complaint with these is that over time the tops become loose to where they don’t stay in place.”

Clearly as you can see from my reviews based on the alternative options I listed, what works for one parent may not work for another (case in point – the Gyro bowl vs. the snack catcher). I do hope these reviews on kid-friendly bowls were helpful for your buying decision, which is the primary purpose of these reviews. I always aim to provide our readers with insightful information to help make parenting a little easier.

divided bowl

Dr. Sears Divided Bowl, Green/Red, 6 Months
by Zak Designs
4.2 out of 5 stars   (6)


Boon spill catcher

Boon Catch Bowl with Spill Catcher, Light Purple/Red
by Boon
4.5 out of 5 stars   (55)

Gyro bowl

GYRO BOWL Spill Resistant Kids Gyroscopic Bowl with Lid
by Englewood Marketing Group, Inc.
2.6 out of 5 stars   (224)
snack catchers     

Munchkin Two Snack Catchers, Colors May Vary
by Muchkin
4.0 out of 5 stars   (370)


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