How To Repurpose Old Burp Cloths

Many new moms receive quite a few burp cloths when they have a baby for all those messy spit ups. After awhile, however they start to accumulate and become stained and dingy from regular use. So what do you do with those used burp cloths? If you find yourself with more than enough or your baby has simple outgrown them there are several ways that you can repurpose old burp cloths rather than just tossing them in the garbage.

burp cloths

While I was cloth diapering, I preferred the more modern day cloth diapers but I did keep a few pre-folds on hand for just in case I would run out of the good ones before washing. Those pre-fold cloth diapers have always made wonderful burp cloths and are far better than the thin skimpy ones that sometimes come with bib sets. I ended up with an over abundance, however because I had a pack just for burp cloths and a pack just for diapering so I found some ways that I can reuse them which I’ll share with you.

cleanThis is one of the most obvious uses that you can repurpose old burp cloths for. They are absorbent and work quite well for quick clean ups. Use them for wiping the table, counter tops, dusting, wash cloths, etc. They make excellent dusting cloths rather than using my good washcloths or using up paper towels. Using burp cloths as opposed to napkins or paper towels is much more eco-friendly as well as economical.

Changing Pads
You may have seen those disposable changing pads you can buy in the store for changing your baby on while on-the-go. I’ve used them myself a few times and they’re also featured in one of our buying guides because they’re absorbent and contain messes during diaper changes. Once I used the pack I had I just started using the burp cloths I had aside for extra diapers rather than to keep buying a new pack. I would use them on the changing pad also in between washing the pad cover. I would suggest, if using them for this purpose, to wash them separately from your baby’s clothes such as with the towels or toss them in the diaper pail if you CD (cloth diaper).

Cloth Wipes
cloth wipesUse your old burp cloths as reusable cloth wipes. If they’re small enough use them as is or cut them in half. Cloth wipes are especially useful for babies with sensitive skin that are prone to rashes as regular wipes can be a little harsh on sensitive bottoms. Refer to my how-to guide for making a wipes solution that you can use with cloth wipes.

Place Mats
Toddlers can get quite messy when they eat. I have place mats on the table and yet she still manages to get food all over. Burp cloths are good place mats for toddlers especially with liquids such as soup because whatever she spills, the burp cloth absorbs. Don’t limit them to just the table, however. You can also use a burp cloth as ‘toddler bib’ by tucking in one end of it into their shirt collar to protect their clothes.

For Pets
We have an indoor cat that loves to play in his water bowl. If you have an indoor pet, use a burp cloth to place underneath the water bowl to reduce messes. For dogs, tie several burp cloths together by making knots to make a nice pull toy.

There are many ways that you can repurpose old burp cloths after your baby has outgrown the need for them. I had a couple of smaller pink ones that I rarely ever used because the way they were made that my daughter took to use as blankets for her dolls. This is another way you can reuse them if you have a daughter, although you’ll probably also have plenty of receiving blankets you can pass down as well. In fact, you can also repurpose your receiving blankets for many of the uses I’ve mentioned.

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