Repurpose Baby Wipes Containers

I like to consider myself a frugal mom. One of the ways I save money is by buying large boxes of wipes refills from Amazon’s subscribe and save option as opposed to buying individual packs because I get 15% off my order. If you’re like me and don’t like throwing things out that can be reused and further stretch your dollar, you will appreciate these ideas to repurpose baby wipes containers that you may have accumulated. In fact, I’ve previously mentioned an idea for doing DIY sensory toys for babies using an old wipes tub I had lying around.


With a baby around, you tend to collect a lot of things and wipes containers are no exception. There are so many ways that these nifty boxes can be reused over and over again that I thought I’d share with you guys.

Holding Craft Supplies
As most kids do, mine would have to take ALL of the crayons out of the box to color with and after awhile, those flimsy cardboard boxes wouldn’t hold up to store them back in. One of the most practical ways I reuse baby wipes tubs is for craft supplies including crayons, paint brushes, popsicle sticks, etc. The box conveniently fits nicely in the craft drawer without getting lost amidst their other supplies like a Ziploc bag.

Organize Pantry Items
If you have packets of food items in your pantry such as spice mixes or muffin mix packs, etc. then a wipes container is a neat way to keep them neat and organized. Just stand up the packets in the tub and you can see each packet more clearly rather than get lost amidst the other items in your pantry. If the container is one with a lid attached to it, just cut off the top from the box. Of course, you can also use it to keep spices or other pantry items organized too.

Girls’ Accessories
My daughter has several little jewelry boxes she’s received from Christmases past. The truth is, these little boxes are just too small to be practical. I can keep hair accessories, hair brush, comb, etc. nice and neat in a wipes containers. This actually minimizes that amount of ponytail holders that get lost in our house on a regular basis!

I have tons of photos and never any time to put them into albums. Wipes containers give you a simple solution to storing your photos after you have them developed. Wipes containers, being made of plastic, can protect your precious memories better than cardboard photo boxes that are subject to moisture and termites. You can even use an extra container or two to hold scrapbook materials.

Repurpose Travel Wipes Containers

I had so many extra travel wipes containers that I accumulated over the years with 3 children that I could have probably built a wall with! Just as these containers were convenient for use on the go as opposed to a whole pack of wipes, there are many useful ways to repurpose travel wipes containers while out and about.

Travel Toiletry Items
Toiletry items are essential when you’re traveling. While most suitcases and travel gear include pockets for holding toiletry items, smaller items like travel-sized tooth pastes, etc. can easily get mixed up with other things in your bag. A travel wipes container is just big enough to hold your toothbrush, travel toothpaste, and even the little bottles of lotion and shampoo you get at hotels while keeping them organized so they aren’t scattered in your suitcase.

First Aid Kit
Instead of spending money on a travel first aid kit that usually consists of extra items you’ll never use, make your own. You can easily reuse an old travel wipes case for things like bandages, gauze packs, alcohol wipes, and even small tubes of antibiotic ointment or anti-itch cream to keep in the car or in your handbag.

Pencil Box
When your little one starts school, reuse those travel cases for their pens and pencils instead. You can personalize the outside to ‘disguise’ it into a cute design. They hold up better than pencil bags and are slimmer to take up less space in their backpacks than traditional pencil boxes.

These are just a few ideas from the many possibilities you can do to repurpose baby wipes containers. If you have your own ideas, please feel free to tell us about it in the comments!

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