Purchasing An Infant Bath Tub/Bath seat

There are a vast number of options available today for bathing your baby. From bath tubs, to bath seats, and even bath pods choosing a bathing option for your baby can be mind boggling. When looking for an infant bath tub option for your baby you want something that will serve its purpose while making it easier on you. A crucial rule in infant bathing is NEVER leave an infant alone in a tub no matter how shallow the water is. You want an option that will allow you to have everything you need at hand and preferably near a water source.

Since newborns need extra support, you will need something that will help support them and offers little room for them to slide and wiggle around. Many infant tubs have several options for babies during different stages such as slings or molded forms for reclining and sitting. Here is a look at some of the options available to you.

Multi-Stage Tubs

These tubs are designed to be suitable for use with newborns who need less room for bathing and added support.

First Year's Infant to Toddler Tub w/ Sling
The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub w/ Sling This molded tub features a sling that cradles newborns so they are fully supported without moving all around. The drain plug changes colors to indicate if the water is too hot. When your newborn gets a little bigger, you can remove the sling and use the reclined side until they are old enough to gain more head control and sit up. See also in our All Time Favorite Baby Products buying guide.


Fisher-Price Bath Center
Fisher-Price Rainforest Bath Center This tub has it all. It has a sling for the newborn stage, a head support for infants and a toddler side for babies old enough to sit up. There are soft arm cushions on the edges to make bathing baby more comfortable for mom. The tub features a monkey teether for baby as well as a frog cup and toucan sifter.


Safety 1st Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Tub
Safety 1st Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Tub This tub also has a newborn sling to keep your newborn cradled while bathing and contoured molds to support infants and seat toddlers. There are 3 compartments for soap and bathing essentials. One feature I really liked with this tub that the others didn’t have is a convenient shower hook to hang for drying.


Collapsible/Foldable Tubs

If you are living in close quarters and looking for something a little more compact for storing when you aren’t using it, these tubs are great for taking up less space. A key point with these tubs is that they are not as sturdy as other traditional type baby tubs so keep this in mind when bathing your baby.

Prince Lionheart Flexibath Foldable Bathtub
Prince Lionheart Flexibath Foldable Bathtub The Flexibath provides your baby a large space for your baby to bathe in and then folds flat when you aren’t using it for easy storage. It is suitable for babies birth to four years. Then when your child outgrows it, you can use it as a storage bin!
Summer Infant Fold-Away Baby Bath
Summer Infant Fold-Away Baby Bath This foldable bath tub is an inflatable tub and basin tub in one. The base of the  tub inflates to provide a soft cushion for your baby with an incline for newborns. The spacious tub sits toddlers up to two years. When you are not using the tub it folds up compactly to store it away or take it along on your travels.
Karibu Folding Bath
Karibu Folding Bath This folding tub provides a safe place to bathe your baby whether at home or while on the go. It is made of a durable non-slip material with legs that fold in to give it an incredible space-saving quality. The drain plug changes color to indicate heat sensitivity when the water reaches above 99 degrees. It also has a shower hook to hang for easy drying.


 Infant Tubs For the Sink

Bathing your baby in the sink provides the most comfort for parents as it saves your back from bending over a large tub to bathe your baby. These infant baths let you bathe your baby safely in nearly any type of sink.

blooming bath
Blooming Bath Baby Bath Definitely a winner for its cuteness factor, this precious blooming bath provides a comfy alternative to standard infant tubs. The soft pedals cradle your baby to keep them from slipping and sliding around. It is machine washable or simply wring it out and hang it to dry when you are done.
puj flyte compact tub
Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath This infant bather fits compactly in most standard sinks. It is made a durable non-absorbent material that is resistant to mold and mildew so it makes cleaning and storing a snap. Just place it in the sink and it cradles your baby in the perfect position that is comfortable for baby and keeps them from slipping around.
Safety 1st Sink Snuggler
Safety 1st Sink Snuggler This Sink Snuggler baby bath folds to conform to most traditional single and double kitchen sinks. It is made of a lightweight foam to keep your baby comfortably in place while bathing. The bather unfolds to make drying easy and convenient storage. The foam is also mildew and mold resistant.


Infant Bath Seats

An infant bath seat can be used for younger infants to older babies to keep them from sliding around in a large tub and even sinks. They allow your baby to recline comfortably while bathing without a bulky infant tub.

Summer Infant Mother's Touch Deluxe Infant Bather
Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Deluxe Infant Bather This infant bath seat features a head rest to support your newborn’s head while bathing along with two recline positions. The soft mesh fabric conforms to baby’s body for security. The feet are skid-proof keeping it safe and supportive as you bathe your baby. The sling is removable to wash in the washing machine.
Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad
Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad This infant bather is basically a pillow for the bath. It can be used in the sink or the tub. It is softer alternative to hard, plastic tubs and compact for easy storage. It has a deep contour to nestle your baby while keeping their head elevated. It features a hook which you can hang to dry.


One Step Ahead Baby Bath Seat This seat is designed for older infants who are ready for the big tub and able to sit up on their own. Once your baby outgrows their infant bath tub or if you never used one, this seat lets them sit comfortably and safely in the big tub for bathing. It is made of a  rubberized cushion material for baby’s comfort with suction cups to keep it place in the tub.

** There’s a recall on this seat. please go here for more info CPSC


European Bath Tub

A European upright bath tub allows you to bathe your baby in a unique round-shaped tub that mimics the feel and security of being in mommy’s womb for a happier baby at bath time.

Spa Baby Upright Baby Eco Bath Tub This infant bath tub lets you bathe your baby in warm water up their shoulders to keep them comfortable and happy while sitting in an upright position. It is recommended for babies from newborn to 10 months. The round shape and height also makes it great for splashers as it keeps more water in. You can use it in the bath tub or the sink. It’s compact design also makes it suitable for travel as well as easy storage.


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