My Wish List

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This section will cover my most wished for baby products (and maybe a few things for mom) that I would like to own. These are items I have either come across and would really like to try or items that I need in which I take careful consideration before purchasing. I will feature 3 different options of a particular product that are highly rated and affordably priced to fit my budget and my needs.

The purpose of these lists, similar to the Buying Guides articles, is to bring you helpful information towards baby products. The only difference is these lists feature items based on my preferences in what I am looking for in specific items. I did my homework and researched these items to base a buying decision on with featured reviews from other parents who have owned them and shared their experiences with it.

In my wish lists I choose the one I item I would purchase after careful consideration and comparison. I’ll be adding more to the list so be sure to check back frequently for new baby products. If I do obtain one of the featured items mentioned in these wish lists I will write up my own personal product review after trying it out.

Check out the following Wish List articles for these products: