My Review of the Cosco High Back Booster Car Seat

We recently had to purchase new car seats as our little boy has outgrown his infant car seat and our daughter isn’t quite big enough for a regular booster seat just yet. When our daughter outgrew the infant car seat we went with a convertible car seat to keep her rear-facing for the recommended requirements then forward-facing until she was ready for a booster seat. So when the time came we decided to purchase new car seats (for each of our vehicles) for our daughter. To share my personal experience here is my review for the Cosco High Back Booster car seat.
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*Always check the latest car seat recalls to ensure your child’s safety. We will never review or recommend products that are currently on recall; however a product we’ve mentioned may become recalled after the time the article was written. Always register your car seats as well as other infant gear after purchasing to get updates from the manufacturer should your product become recalled.

Cosco High Back Booster Car Seat

One of the reasons I chose this car seat is because of its slender design compared to some of the other brands that I liked. I have a car and space is a little tight to have two bulky car seats in the back seat so a slender design was one of the major selling points that lead to our buying decision. That next to safety features, of course which is the number one priority. I’ve listed below some of my favorite qualities and not-so-favorites with the Cosco High Back Booster car seat.

• Versatile
• Lightweight
• Easy to install and adjust seat belt
• cup holder doesn’t stay on well
• A little too roomy for small toddler
car seat reviewI really like the options you have in car seats now. Most forward-facing car seats that I looked at feature a combination for younger toddlers that convert to a booster for older children. Since our daughter is on the petite side, seeing as she was a preemie, she likely won’t meet the weight requirement for a regular booster seat for at least another year or two. A combination seat like this one provides versatility that grows with your child for long-lasting use rather than buying just a forward-facing seat now and then a booster seat later. This seat serves as a forward-facing seat with a 5-point harness restraint for toddlers 22-40lbs and has a seat belt positioner for older children 40-80lbs. The straps can be easily adjusted from the front tether with the harness system which also have 2 height positions.

One factor that made this seat desirable compared to others was the lightweight aspect that makes it easier to transfer from one vehicle to another. My husband and I decided to each have our own because we switch vehicles out pretty often, although the grandparents do like to take the kids on the weekends fairly often. Rather than having them buy their own car seats we thought these would be good for switching back and forth and they are easy to install. Also important is that even though they’re lightweight they are still made of a sturdy durable construction.

The only issues I had are that the cup holder is pretty cheaply done and it has extra room with my daughter sitting in it. I liked that it had a cup holder with it as she could just keep her drink with her instead of having to twist my arm around to get it when she wasn’t sipping from it. However, a built-in cup holder would have been nicer. This one falls off easily and is more in the way than anything. Still this isn’t a big deal.

The other issue I had is once my daughter was sitting in it is I found that it was extra roomy. This may be a more desirable feature for other parents but it concerns me with my little girl. She was much more confined in the convertible car seat as opposed to the openness of this one which makes me judge its reliability in a side-impact collision (but when you consider the fact that booster seats don’t provide SIP to begin with, it does make this one seem a little better). Hopefully I’ll never have to put it through the test to find out.

One of the things I do miss with infant seats is the recline position for when she falls asleep while on the go. With the high back booster her head just flops forward and appears to be uncomfortable, although a simple neck pillow can help to solve this issue. After all, she isn’t a baby anymore.  I have yet to really test out the car seat for long trips, but we are planning a vacation trip this summer and will be able to see how well the seat stands up for the drive as far as comfort goes. My daughter seems to really like her seat thus far so it’s perfect for quick trips and running errands. It is also available in pink which I’m sure she would have loved since it’s her favorite color; however I am planning on using this for our son later so we went with the plain black pattern.

These are a few snippets from reviews that a few other users had to say about this particular car seat:

“Great Purchase! It’s roomy, colorful, and sturdy.”
“Can’t beat the price. Worked great for what we needed.”
“My husband and I love this car seat! It is also in the top 5 ratings on consumer reports.”

These reviews were paraphrased for your convenience but you can see all the reviews from Amazon here. As it turns out, this seat happens to be one of the recommended toddler booster seats according to Consumer Reports. That provides a little more peace of mind in knowing that I made a good choice for my little passenger.

***Please note: Always check for the latest car seat recalls to ensure the seat you purchase is up to date with the latest safety standards.

I am quite pleased with this choice of car seat and I know it will stand up over time to serve as a reliable seat for my son as well once he’s old enough for it. It’s also ideal for those who looking for a car seat that is easy to switch out between vehicles.  Based on my experience I would certainly highly recommend this product to other moms, especially those with smaller vehicles, as a great car seat for safety, value, and durability.

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