Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup Review

Training cups are used to help babies transition from bottles to drinking out of a regular cup. Health care professionals and the American Dental Association recommend that babies leave the bottle behind by the time they reach their first birthday. I know the struggle that comes with this stage and have provided you with this Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup review to shed some light on this transition.

First, let me state for the record that sippy cups and trainer cups are only intended for temporary use and primarily serve to aid in the transition to drinking from a real cup. Some babies will adapt to drinking out of a cup much quicker than others. If your child is one of those consider yourself lucky. I’ve had to go through many different brands and types of sippy cups to help transition my 3 children over the years.

Munchkin Miracle 360

Prolonged use of a sippy cup or bottles can lead to dental problems in young children as well as cause speech development problems. The use of sippy cups and training cups should cease by the time your toddler reaches the age of 3. With that being said, let me introduce you to the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup.

This cup, unlike traditional sippy cups, is designed to mimic the way you would drink from a regular cup. It promotes oral muscle development to help young children learn how to drink from a cup without the effects that traditional sippy cups pose on developing teeth. It’s actually approved by dentists.

The cup features an edge that allows children to drink as they would from a regular cup, with a seal that prevents spills. Because it doesn’t have a spout or straw, the 360 cup prevents common orthodontic issues associated with long-term sucking.  The handles make it easier for little ones to hold. It is easy to clean with no extra valves or parts and top rack dishwasher-safe. The 360 trainer cup is recommended for infants and toddlers 6 months old and up.

There are several different varieties of this cup from different designs and styles as well as sizes. I have the Munchkin Miracle 360 6-ounce trainer cup with handles that I originally purchased to try. I love it and plan to buy the 7-ounce 2-count pack. Initially, it took my son a few tries to get the hang of it but now he does really well with it.


There’s only 3 pieces to this cup – the cup, the top that screws on, and the seal. The plastic top that screws onto the cup has little holes that the liquid goes through and the seal is what stops the liquid from just pouring out. When your child goes to drink from the lip of the cup the liquid comes out and immediately stops once they quit drinking. It is a genius design and allows the perfect flow – not too fast and doesn’t require a lot of effort to suck like some with spill-proof valves do.

I have tried countless types of sippy cups and many of them leaked or the milk came out too fast, plus the ones with the valves were a pain to clean. With nearly every single type of sippy cup I have tried with a silicone spout the liquid would come out too fast for my little one and he’d wind up choking. Another reason I really like this cup is the fact that they can drink from any side so no matter how my son turns it he can still drink from it without it spilling or leaking. 

I used several other cups including Gerber and Nuk brands where the valves weren’t quite as bad to clean, but you still had to get really good in the little nooks and crannies to avoid mold from forming. This has actually been a problem in many sippy cups and warranted a recent recall with Tommie Tippee sippy cups. The wonderful thing about these types of cups is that the seal is really easy to clean.


The seal part of the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup does have a hole that attaches to the plastic screw-on top of the cup that could potentially trap water inside and lead to mold if not dried thoroughly. This is not an issue if you dry it completely though. It’s as simple as taking a towel with your finger and inserting it to dry it out.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Vs. Sassy Grow Up Cup

There are more brands that are coming out with these styles as they’re becoming more popular due to their beneficial qualities. I have since purchased the Sassy Grow Up 12-ounce cup for my 3 year old as well because I forbid cups in the car or any part of the house besides the kitchen simply due to leaks and spills. I can tell you both work similarly in design, but I really like the Munchkin 360 better.

The Sassy cup features a screw on top that has a rubber ring seal with tiny grooves in that goes around the lid. When disassembling it to wash I have had a difficult time taking the ring off. Another minor gripe is that the 12-ounce cup is a little taller than average cups so I can’t wash it in the top rack (as recommended) of my dishwasher due to height. This may be a unique issue based on the dishwasher we have.

I’ve also experienced some leaking every now and then with the Sassy Grow Up Cup. Sometimes when my son takes a sip and puts it back down the milk bubbles up a little bit at the top of the seal just enough to drip down the side of the cup. I’ve never had this problem with the Munchkin Miracle 360 and unless you bang it really hard against a tray, it won’t leak either. The Sassy cup has a few cons to it, but overall still better than many other cups I’ve tried. The fact that it’s beneficial to their oral development over traditional sippy cups and suitable for 18 months plus still puts it on my list as the number 2 sippy cup I’d recommend. 

What Others Have Said

Not everyone has the same experience with any particular product. While one person may love it, another person may find it’s not for them. To provide more perspective to my Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup review, I’ve included some comments other parents shared.

The Good

I was very skeptical as to how these cups would work, but so far they are great

It’s easy for her to drink because she can do it from any angle and I love the no spill aspect of it

Clean up is easy, hand wash or top rack of dishwasher

The Bad

They’ve got a bit of a learning curve, but if you keep offering them, eventually your child will figure it out

I have noticed that when she throws them on the floor some liquid will leak out

Final Thoughts

So, just based on my personal experience and upon comparison to a similar type of cup I can say I really like the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer cup. I originally bought the 6-ounce trainer cup because it was what was in store at the time. It’s cute and there are many different styles to choose from for boys and girls. If you want a better value, though, I recommend going with the two-pack 7-ounce cups from Amazon. They’re solid colored and don’t have the designs on them but they hold a little more (say if you wanted to put 6 ounces of juice and a couple of ice cubes) and better price value.

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