Milkies Milk Saver Review

As a breastfeeding mom, I know the value of wanting to save every drop of that liquid gold for your little one. This is especially true after having difficulty breastfeeding my first baby. Alas, there’s a new product (OK, well not that new, but new to me) that helps to save a little extra during breastfeeding time. Read on to check out my Milkies Milk Saver review.

Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector

This nifty product works wonders on so many levels. The Milkies Milk Breast Milk Collector was designed for breastfeeding mothers to collect the excess milk that is often leaked from the non-nursing breast during letdown.


When you are nursing your baby or pumping, the stimulation causes a let down reflex in both breasts that leads to the release of breast milk. While you’re nursing or if you happen to be pumping just one side with a manual pump, the other breast will also begin to release milk. This leaking can be really embarrassing and bothersome. Milkies help solve this problem by collecting the leaking milk so that it can be used for later feedings.

Milkies Milk Savers do more than just save milk. They save your bras and shirts from stains, and save you from the embarrassment of leaks. This product can also help to relieve painful engorgement. They have a slender design making them discreet when worn under your bra. They are comfortable to wear as well. It can hold up to 2.1 ounces of milk, which you can store for later use rather than having it just go to waste in being absorbed by a nursing pad or worse, your shirt! These are designed to be completely safe for breast milk collection. Milkies are made with BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free materials to ensure safe collection of breast milk with no leaching chemicals.

These milk savers are portable so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It comes with a hygienic and durable case to keep it clean and also doubles as a stand for the Milk-Saver so there’s no more crying over spilled milk! The Milkies are top-rack dishwasher safe so they’re easy to clean and they are durable to withstand numerous washes.

It has an open top design which could allow for spilling if you happen to lean forward while wearing it. This isn’t terrible because the case it comes with can act as stand for you to place it once you’re done nursing to prevent spills from happening. This open top design does limit you to wearing only when sitting up so you can’t wear it at night while sleeping.

Another downfall is that, although it is easy to clean, it is still one extra breastfeeding accessory that you have to clean. Unless you plan on running your dishwasher frequently (after each use) then you will need to wash it or at least rinse it with hot water between uses. This isn’t very ideal for night time feedings.

These are only meant to be worn during nursing. You will most likely still need to wear nursing pads throughout the day to prevent leaks when you are away from baby. Also keep in mind that the milk collected in the Milk Saver is just fore-milk, which is the thinner milk that doesn’t contain as much nutrients as the hind milk.

What Others Have Said About Milkies

Every breastfeeding mom has different experiences, and so it’s only fair that I look to others’ reviews for a well-rounded perspective to my Milkies Milk Saver review.

The Good

“I purchased just one and used it on the side opposite from the one I fed my son. It was appealing to catch the extra milk so that I could avoid wasting it and use fewer pads.”

“It is easy to use, easy to clean, and helps me keep my shirt dry while nursing.”

“This thing is a pretty slick item, made out of a nice silicone type substance so it is comfortable enough.”

The Bad

“I don’t see how you could be able to wear this without seeing it through your clothes.”

“The only problem I have besides letting down enough milk is that if you don’t take it out before moving around it will leak out the top.”

“It does have a way to attach bags directly to the collector, but they are difficult to attach.”

My Final Thoughts

To sum up my Milkies Milk Savers review, I would recommend this to any mom who is nursing. In my opinion, these are definitely a must-have breastfeeding accessory you want to have on hand. I can’t tell you the number of breast pads I went through with my first. If you have a forceful letdown or are engorged, you can easily soak through even the best nursing pads you could buy. You would be surprised by just how much breast milk you leak during the letdown phase. Keep in mind that these are NOT meant to be worn all day for collecting breast milk, only when nursing. The money you will save on having to buy more nursing pads from changing them out so quickly will certainly make this product worth the cost!

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