Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide Review

What child can resist the classic slide? There are so many ways that toddlers love to climb and go down on a slide. It’s a favorite pass time for toddlers and keeps them moving. I suppose that’s what makes them a top favorite among parents as well! We’ve provided this Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide review, which made a top Parent’s Pick in sports and outdoor toys.

The Little Tikes slide features a gentle 5-foot long slope that is ideal for toddlers and wide, easy-to-climb steps. The slide’s wide base gives it extra stability and has a locking support arm. If you wish to take the slide down for storage or transporting, simply unlock the support arm and the slide folds up. The exact dimensions of the slide, if you wanted to keep it indoors, are 39”H x 39”W x 66”L. The slide is suitable for children ages 24 months up to 6 years old.

Little Tykes Slide

It’s a very sturdy little slide and great for outdoor play. Your little ones will soon discover new ways to slide down, climb up and all sorts of activities on this slide – trust me. They will love sliding on it . . . and using it for everything else! If you have plenty of space it can be played on indoors as well as outdoors. Once assembled it is light enough to move it around or you can just fold it up. It’s also pretty easy to clean if you leave it out awhile and decide you want to bring it in on days when the weather isn’t so nice to keep little ones active.

Unlike other slides that are designed primarily for toddlers, this one is actually tall enough that it can be used longer to grow with your child. It’s not too big for a 2 year old, yet is still accommodating for even an average sized 7 year old. Most kids quickly outgrow the smaller ones, so I wouldn’t even consider buying those. Plus, it’s just high enough to use it with a kiddie pool for them to slide into. Of course, this depends on the side and type of pool you use it with. The height of the support arm that connects the slide to the steps is about 16” from the ground. It worked perfectly for one of those hard blue plastic pools.

Overall, there really isn’t much negative feedback on this slide. The only major drawback is the assembly. It does take a little more effort to connect some of the pieces, but once you have it set up it is pretty sturdy. As with any type of plastic outdoor toy, such as this one, over time it will fade from exposure to sunlight. This doesn’t compromise the quality of the structure, however.

What Others Had to Say

There isn’t much more I can say about this slide, but to offer a little more perspective on this slide review I sought out others’ reviews. Here was what they had to say about it based on their own experiences.

The Good

“We had friends with children over that were 8 -10 years old and the slide proved to be very stable.”
“It is the perfect height and I love that I can store it in my son’s closet.”
“The quality of the slide is very good, it is safe and sturdy and we anticipate he will enjoy it for years to come.”

The Bad

“The slide that I have outside has some stuff inside the slide portion and had collected water in it.”
“Our 2 yr old is small and light, and when she slides (since she goes down faster), she slides right off of the bottom and bumps her bottom on the floor.”
“Assembly was a nightmare. For something with 4 pieces, I don’t really understand why it has to be so difficult.”

Final Thoughts
All in all, this is a great slide for little ones if you’re looking for something that will last. Whether you plan on using it indoors or outside, it’s of good quality that will stand up to years of play. The fact that it can easily fold up for storage makes it really convenient for those who may wish to keep it inside or put away for later use. I would highly recommend this Little Tikes slide for anyone considering buying one for their toddler, as they’ll get more use out of it!

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