Little Tikes 3-in-1 Adventure Course Review

As a mother of 3 with additional experience working with children in a daycare, I’ve seen many children that experience developmental delays. My first born was a preemie and my third baby needed a little help encouraging development. That is why when I spot a toy or item that positively encourages baby development I’m all up for it. My Little Tikes 3-in-1 Adventure Course review demonstrates several ways babies can grow and build developmental skills using this interactive toy.

Babies learn through play and they are easily entertained by some of the simplest things. That being said, they can also become bored easily with the same thing day in and day out. I love toys that can grow with them, especially as they reach new milestones. That is what drew my attention to the Little Tikes Adventure Course.

Three major developmental milestones your baby will likely reach in their first year are sitting, crawling, and standing/walking. This toy features interchangeable ‘stations’ that help develop all 3. It’s like a mini obstacle course for your baby that you can switch up and change for added versatility. I wish we had this in the daycare I used to work in, because it’s really beneficial for multiple children. On that note, this would be GREAT for twins (or triplets, etc.) to keep them entertained without having a million toys everywhere. Although, let’s face it- every parent has numerous toys for their kids.

This toy has a fun crawl-through tunnel that is great for babies learning to crawl (and is too tempting for even my 3 year old to resist). There’s a rattle link toy that you can interchange positions to encourage your baby to crawl towards. For supported sitters and babies learning to sit individually, the peek-a-boo door with rotating wheel is fun for little hands to turn and play. There are also several little clickers and knobs throughout the toy that your baby can play. These also help fine tune those fine motor skills too!

The octopus station also features fun activities like a ball-drop and spinners, but what’s really neat are the pull-up handles on it. Each station can be used individually as a stand-alone station or connected with different combination options to the other stations.


So, there is much to love with this toy. Obviously, I like the idea that it has the capability of growing with my baby for longer lasting use. I also really like how it not only entertains them, but encourages key skills in development to help encourage them to reach those important milestones like crawling and pulling to stand.

The adventure course takes 3 AA batteries to operate the many different sounds that delight and excite your baby as a ‘reward’ when playing different stations. This is a plus for me because many of the bigger developmental toys we have require C batteries, which are more expensive to buy replacements. Assembly is pretty easy to put together (less than 20 minutes) and doesn’t take a handyman to figure out. The whole unit weighs less than 10 pounds when fully assembled so it’s easy to move around as needed.


One thing I do need to point out is the lightweight factor of this toy. This is good and bad in the sense that it’s easy to move around when you need to or push out of the way; on the other hand, there is not a lot of weight to it for stability to pull up on it. I would recommend using the octopus station connected with the other pieces just to add more stability so it doesn’t tip over when your baby goes to pull up on it (of course, this should go without saying but is also where adult supervision comes into play – most toys that your baby can pull up on are not super heavy or anchored down and do have the potential to tip over or fall on them.  Even walkers that are designed for babies to hold onto while standing can easily roll away or fall over. You should always be close by when your baby is playing to avoid injury.)

What Others Have Said

As I have found through experience with different children, not every child will have the same reaction with a toy. To add a little perspective to this Little Tikes 3-in-1 Adventure Course review, I’ve included some comments that other parents reported based on their experience.

The Good 

Lots of great attention-grabbers on the two end pieces.

The octopus really does encourage pulling up too. Definitely recommend!

Once baby can sit up, this is the perfect toy to entertain them.

The Bad

My daughter doesn’t care for this at all.

Way shorter than I anticipated.

The balls can sometimes be difficult to retrieve.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Adventure Course Review Final Thoughts

Well, it has good and bad points. My only real complaint with this is that it’s lightweight to pull up on for a toy that is designed to support pulling up to stand. This is an ongoing frustration I’ve experienced with many of these type toys. I did like it and it certainly has many positive points for young babies learning to explore things like turning spinners and teaching cause and effect. I was pleased with the toy overall and would recommend this based on the points mentioned in this Little Tikes 3-in-1 adventure course review. If you have a comment you’d like to add to this, please feel free to give me your feedback!

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