Learning and Development

Development and learning make up for a huge part of your child’s life. Infants and children are constantly learning through their surroundings, although parents sex chat rooms help me with my homework can have a major role in this too. I’ll go over various matters concerning your child’s development and how they learn from infancy into preschool stages.

Infant Development

baby playYour baby will go through some major changes both physically and mentally during their first year. In this section I’ll discuss milestones you should expect at each month as well as developmental skills they’ll gain along the way. You can also find tips and suggestions for encouraging your baby’s mental development through activities that are fun and stimulating in some of the following articles:

Toddler Development

This section will discuss how toddlers learn and ways to help them grow developmentally to help prepare them for school. By the time your child reaches the age of 2 they will or should have hit most if not all of their major milestones from saying first words to walking. Now that your little one is more mobile and becoming more hands-on they can take on different tasks and to broaden their skills and abilities. A few articles I’ll cover in this section include:letters


cut up fruit basketFor this segment under this category I will cover some basics for helping your toddler/preschooler learn key skills they will use in life. This isn’t a comprehensive guide on homeschooling for grade school-aged children. The topics I’ll discuss are for children who are past the toddler stage and ready to begin learning skills based on montessori-inspired sex chat rooms help me with my homework activities that will help prepare them for grade-school. Related articles you’ll find in this section include a few of the following:

Here is a complete list of all the related articles you will find for this category: